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Friday, 31 July 2015

Kelewele Date with Marietta (31/07/15) This Month I've been.....

Good afternoon lovely people.

Now, before I go on, I need to RANT.

I don't know why ECG decided to show wickedness to my hood. Every single day, we experience 'DUMsor' with style and it pisses me off. Lol

So, we are back. It's the last Friday. Let's start the show.

This month, I've been...

Listening to Sarkodie's #New Guy ft. Acehood to feel like a rapper and the La Bamba soundtracks to feel emotional.

Bookmarking Ghanaian blogs like Ms. Cara's blog. A new Ghanaian blogger I found some months ago. Her photos are uniquely amazing. I stalk her just because of her pics, and her witty introduction to her posts. I'm bad at posing for photo shoots (Like seriously, believe me. Okay...I'm not so bad) but she does better than I do.

Making zines. This is my favourite one. It's about Back to School

Reading novels like the Red Heifer by Peggy Oppong etc.

Playing silly songs. My family wanted to shut me up for this.
Family: Marietta!!! We want to watch the local channel
Me: I'm just trying to remember my childhood, family!!!

Wanting a new wardrobe! Please, don't tell me to call a carpenter. A wardrobe (in my language means clothes!). I'm a guurrrll and the guurrrll needs some new clothes.

Enjoying the work of blogging. Maybe, I need an award for that! Dedicated blogger!

Watching old movies. Next on the list"As Dreamers Do", a movie about good old Walt Disney.

Eating groundnuts. Lots and lots of groundnuts.

Cooking spaghetti. Well, I can say it's more satisfying than rice. Or?

My mother, brothers and I were arguing which language is more sexier and romantic than the other; French or Spanish. We compared names; Pierre versus Pedro. We compared titles SeƱiorita versus mademoiselle. Compared some phrases and sentences.

Then I sent it on my personal Facebook page and most people voted Spanish. So Spanish won!
All hail Spanish, the romantic language.

Now what about Spanish and Italian?

I've gone back to the fan fiction game. I used Elikem The Tailor, then Stonebwoy. It's been fun!
That's it for this month's kelewele date. You know what to do.

#keleweledate on social media.

So, to you. Which is more romantic?

Spanish or Italian?

PS. My favourite picture. Allowing children to pursue their dreams. Making a movie about their lives.

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