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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

If I Were To Get Invited

Soon, the wedding day of Elikem and Pokello would  be announced.

If only they choose not to tell us, and do a secret wedding.

Once I was thinking, what if they invite me?

Hahahaha. You wish!

Oh seriously, what if they do?

I'll get to Elikem's company and I'll tell the receptionist or secretary or whoever I see first.
"Hello , I'm Marietta and I'm here to see Mr. Elikem Kumordzie"
"Do you have an appointment with him?", she ask.
I'll frown. "Of course, I do", even though I don't. Why should she ask me such a question?
"Ok, go to the next floor. Turn left and knock on the last office on your right."
"Thank you very much"
I'll climb upstairs go stand in front of his office. Breathing in and out like three times, I will rehearse my lines, then say to myself "Let's do this"
I'll knock, then wait. There'll be no response. I'll knock again, still no response. I'll frown. Please don't tell me you are not available. Oh, I don't think so, the secretary will tell me. I'll knock again and this time, he'll respond.
"Yes? Please do come in"
I'll throw my fist in the air and whisper "yes!" I'll open the door, then poke my head into the office.
"Good morning, Mr. Elikem", I'll say.
He'll stare at me for a moment. "Good morning. How can I help you?"
"Emm...." I'll begin to say, then smile because I will have forgotten my lines, forgotten what I rehearsed to say to him.
He'll smile and point to a seat in front of his desk. "Please have a seat"
"Thank you, Mr. Elikem".
"Please, just call me Elikem"
I'll laugh nervously. Oh what will I say? Why will I come here in the first place?"
"Ok...", I'll begin to say. "I just want to you to design and sew an evening gown for me. For free, specially for me"
He'll give me a confused look, then smile.
'Why should I do that? Give me one special reason why I should."
I'll chuckle and say to myself. "This guy is 'j3r'". I don't feel the tension anymore.
"Because I'm a blogger and if you don't, I'll write bad things about you"
He'll frown. Oops! I'm dead! Why should I even think of anything like that?
"How dare you come here to blackmail me"
I understand his anger. I'll have to think of something else to say.
"Oh Mr. Elikem. I'm just joking. I'm sorry I said that, but I want to come for your wedding, the one you'll have in Ghana." My eyes will shine with plead. "My mummy loves you." I'll add "And she wishes that you would sew a dress for me."
He'll smile and say "Don't worry, my dear. You would be granted your wish but...."
"Yaaay!" I'll scream, get off my feet and go and hug him tight. "You're the best!!!"
"All right! All right!, he'll snap. "Just sit down!"
I'll ran to my seat, feeling super excited!
"What's your name?", he'll ask.
"Marietta DeGrant!", I'll exclaim. I'll see him writing something. He'll ask for my contact and write it down. He'll put a card into an envelope, and hand it to me.
"You'll be called when it is ready." he'll say "Are you truly a blogger?"
I'll nod and give him my business card. "The URL is on the card. I don't write bad things about people."
He gave out a light laugh. "All right. I have to get to work now"
That would be the clue that he is sacking me, but true, the man must work.
"Ok", I'll get up and shake his hand. "Thanks so much for the opportunity, Mr. Elikem...I mean, Elikem. I really appreciate it. I'll write this moment in my diary."
He'll laugh. "You are welcome"
"Bye!", then I'll wave and close the door behind me.
As I'll get out of the building, I'll open the envelope he gave me. It will be a wedding invitation.
I'll scream. OMG! I'll read through but had no date,time and venue on it.
I'll turn to glance at the building. I'll want to go and ask him the date but he'll probably not tell me. He now knows I'm a blogger and would announce the date on my blog.

Now to my next ......destination . Stonebwoy's house.

This is the part one of 'If I Were To Get Invited ' Part 2 would come soon.

What do you think? I hope Elikem reads this .

(Hahahaha! You wish!)

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