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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Silent War

I have been hearing suicide cases sometimes, and recently, I have heard of 2. Unfortunately, all people do is to chastise and to be judgmental.

I have a problem with that.

I mean, the chastisement and being judgmental part.

You see, we are all humans and of different everything. Different mind, different heart, different personalities etc.

When someone commits suicide, your job is not to sit and chastise the person of being stupid. After all, the person is gone and can’t hear your chatter. Your job is to find out what you could have done if you knew of the person’s problem, and also to make sure no one around you commits suicide since it is becoming very common.

You know, as different as we are, people have various reasons for ending their lives. Maybe, you’re so strong, you were able to overcome your depression and you never attempted to hurt yourself or even attempt to commit suicide.

When the KNUST student committed suicide, most people jumped to criticize her as a fool. To me, I became upset about it. You never know the real reason why she did that. Maybe, her parents told her to study hard or else something would happen, or it could be another reason. You have no right to say she is a fool for doing that.

We claim to know psychology but we still chastise a victim of suicide. Don’t they know suicide is a psychological issue? This is just hypocrisy. I know most religions see suicide as a sin but have you ever considered your own sins?

If you have been depressed before and you survived it, it doesn’t mean someone else has the heart to go through it. We do not even have enough counselling services around us.
Our job is to make sure no one around us commits suicide and comfort those who are depressed and fighting a silent war inside them.

We should create a suicide awareness around us, and an awareness on self-harms.

To those feeling depressed or suicidal, please be patient. Don’t do anything stupid. I’m so sorry you are hurting but everything would be ok. Think of kelewele, chocolate and ice creams. There’s a lot to eat. 

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Throwback Tuesday: Old Poetry Found

Hey world!

Happy World Poetry Day!

A few days ago, I was going through one of my poetry notebooks from my glorious SHS days, and I did discover some horrible poems.

Hahaha xx.

Very embarrassing

I wonder why I called it poetry.

But also, I feel proud of some poems I wrote in those days.

The glorious SHS days, when I used to sign off all my poems with either MarieNoel, or Pink Butterfly.

Pink Butterfly??!! *rolling my eyes* How typical.

I wonder why I used that lame pen name.

Pink butterfly. Argh! 😒

So, today, I will post here one good (not very good) poem and one bad poem from my SHS days.
I’m slowly feeling shy of posting the bad one.

Anyway, here it goes.
The Way We Love
Dreaming of the world we imagine
Painting it with our love colours
If I choose the right colours to paint our world
We would be the perfect couple
If I knew how to select the right colours to paint our love
Our love would be the perfect one.
Wishing that our love would be sweet
Cute, romantic, interesting…
If I knew which brush to use
I would paint it with pride
If I knew which overall to wear
And which ladder to climb to paint the walls of love……
Oh, how our love would be perfect
Sat 19th January, 2010
Pink Butterfly™

So, this poem was written for and intended to be given to my future husband. I don’t think I will give it to him. I will write a better one.

Now to the embarrassing poem

When Will I Ever
When will I ever complete school and stop wearing uniforms?
In fact, who even brought about education?
I want to enjoy my life with no school
When will I ever stop listening to boring lessons?
When will I ever?
I want to grow, start driving cars, and get married
Get work, give birth
Take care of my children
When will I ever stop writing tests and exams?
When will I ever?
I want to go on holidays and sing for the rest of my life
When will I ever?
March 2010

I mean, look at this…..

I even regret writing this. I mean, how? I think I wrote during the time that I did not understand a Physics lessons. I never liked Physics. I still don’t like it.

Even look at the last line….

…..sing for the rest of my life…..

Why did I write this? Sing for the rest of my life how? With which voice?

Anyway, I had fun writing this post and laughing at 17/18 year old self myself.

What do you think of the two poems? Any embarrassing poems you wrote?

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Monday, 20 March 2017

A Letter To Poetry

Dear Poetry,

Thank you for being a woman. Thank you for holding me in your bosom. Thank you for your words to write of things that my mouth could not say.

When I am sad, you provide your laps for me to place my head on and you gently run your hand through my rigid discoloured hair.😢 When I am overexcited, you tell me to calm down and give me a pen, to write my feelings through you.😆

When I am angry or upset,😦 you leave me alone, and do nothing about it. That’s when I get disappointed because no words of red frustration comes by. I draw deep zigzag lines and destroy the paper with the tip of the pen. Why, oh why? Can you please tell me why?

Maybe, I’m not supposed to write anything. Maybe, I’ll destroy your works of being the best outspoken person you are.

Thank you for being dynamic. Thank you for transforming me into a better reflective writer. I didn’t like you first but I’m glad I love you now.

Your student,


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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Pretty Little Liars and Me


Hello world!

I was reading this blog (Yep, I read my own blog) and I realized I haven’t blogged about Pretty Little Liars. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it.

I am a H-U-G-E fan of pretty little liars because of the mystery and suspense and shock in it. Those who are very close to me know I am obsessed with the show. Anytime I get a call or a text and I am asked 
what are you doing?

I’m watching PLLs.

What is PLLs?

Pretty Little Liars.

By the way, if I am watching PLL and I reply your messages, it means I really love you.

I started watching Pretty Little Liars the year 2014. When my laptop got spoilt, I stopped watching it. I felt uneasy at first, but I got over it.

I came back to it in the latter part of 2016 (somewhere in November) and watched from season 2-7A.
Now that I have to wait till April to find out who AD is, I have been watching PLL theories of various people who think someone is AD.

The various theories given have a little bit of truth in them. For instance, I watched a PLL theory which days that Maya is AD. In the series, they never said Maya was dead. They said they think the body they found is Maya’s.

See that?

Also, some said Mona killed Charlotte by using facial expressions and gestures and other things that looked so true and relatable.

Also, some claim Charlotte is still alive. The body they found was a fake body with a mask of Charlotte.

And so many other PLL theories feels.

We can’t wait for #PllEndGame. I have been scrolling Twitter every day and it now a routine for me.

I have my fingers crossed.

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Friday, 24 February 2017

Kelewele Date with Marietta (28/02/2017): February Musings

Hello world and you are welcome to this month’s kelewele where I will write and talk about all things pertaining to my interests.

February was a very short month. You wake up late and you’ll realize it is afternoon, and you’re now going to get breakfast. By the time you are done eating, it is evening, then you’ll go back to sleep.

It has been a very unproductive month for me, but I’ll try and catch up as soon as possible.

Apart from the month being unproductive, I have been up my poetry game. My inspiration comes mostly in the early hours of the morning and I try to write the idea down, if not the whole poem. On St. Valentine’s Day, I wrote some short love poems on the blog. You can read the poems here.

I was fortunate to meet my friend after 5 years. We were studying Science together and were in the same class. I was so excited to meet her.

More pictures with friends

My selfie game is getting better. FYI, I’m not good at taking selfies.

I even take selfie on a taxi’s rear view mirror

I was a twin for a day. We called each other companions.

I still visit my friend’s salon. She massages my hair though, while washing it and I like it that way.

Do you want to guest post on my blog?
Please send an email to Posts can be about art, poetry, sports, lifestyle, school, academic, social issues, health, beauty, fashion etc. Posts about politics, government, and religion will not be accepted.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Life is Short and You Only Live Once

Life is short and you only live once. These statements makes me think twice to enjoy life three times more.

Life is short, so laugh out loud. Life is short, so throw away sorrow. Life is short, so allow the sunlight to enter your room. Life is short, so wear that lipstick.

You only live once, so fill your memory cards with pictures and videos. You only live once, eat your favourite meals. You only live once, so laugh at your mistakes. You only live once, get closer to your Maker.

Life is short, so give out more hugs. Life is short, kiss often. Life is short, you’re not too old to play.

 Life is short, so don’t criticize children.

Life is short and you only live once, so DREAM BIG!

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Short Love Poems by M. G. DeGrant

Currently playing: Mi Naa Bo Po by E.L

Hello world and Happy St. Valentine Day!

I hope your day would be filled with love and red and chocolate and roses and cupid and everything associated with it. 🍫💗💏💑💋

Every year, on the blog, I write a love poem on the blog. This year would be a little different. Instead of writing one love poem, I present to you four short love poems that you can easily remember.

I hope you love them and enjoy them.

These are poems from my imperfect poetry collection.

I have some poems written by me that I claim to be imperfect but I love them too.

Please enjoy, but remember to have fun.

p.s. Mi Naa Bo Po has been on repeat since last week, and I am not tired. I’ll be tired of it soon.

1.Even if my poem is not appreciated by others
 At least I can write about you
 And it would stay between us.
 Everyone would see the faults in my poems
 Only you would appreciate every flaw
 And embrace it with your imperfections

2. Your imperfection is like ice cream
    It has no definite shape
   But every lick is mesmerizing

3. Some people fear the idea of forever
    But I know with you
    Forever is too short a time

4 Put your head at the corner of my neck
And breathe hard into it
For it is soothing to my soul
Talk into it
And let me feel my body vibrate

Which of them was your favourite?

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