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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Back To School Throwback Posts

Hello world

We are in the back to school season  and as such, I am sharing some old posts that were featured on the blog. They are still very useful and they can be of good help. Click to read on each topic.

Simple Hairstyle Ideas

Study Break Ideas

Buying The Right Tertiary Education Forms

What to Wear On Your Matriculation

Great But Not-So-Great Things About Going Back To School

Making The Grade Outfit Idea

Cool Nail Arts For Back to School

Best Tech Accessories for Back to School

All the best in your new school year. Much love from the Marietta DeGrant Blog
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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Marietta DeGrant Poetry: Remind Me

Hello world!

There have been a lot of cloudy/rainy days and I spend the moment by writing poetry. One rainy Monday, I was reflecting and making a list of things (I love making lists) and I realized I needed a lot of reminders in life to move forward, to make my dreams come true and to remember that God loves me. I needed a reminder that I should not be scared of anything and whatever I am going through will turn out to be a blessing.

I looked at the date and I realized that life is moving so fast, I wanted it to slow down. I needed little reminders that would tell me to make every pretty moment a treasure. Reminders that would tell me that life is worthwhile and the people who make my life beautiful should be appreciated.

So I wrote this poem, Remind Me to tell life to remind me of certain things.

This poem is dedicated to people who love me and always wish the best of me.

Dear Life
Remind me of the things I ought to live for
Remind me to slow down
Don’t be too hard on me
By telling me to work hard to earn papers with people’s faces on them
Remind me to appreciate the rain
Remind me to let my skin inhale sunlight
Remind me to kiss my lover every night
Remind me to take pictures of children playing in the mud
Remind me to take a deep breath
Because life is all about capturing memories
And sharing them with the world
With our loved ones first
Remind me to travel to see other parts of the world
Remind me to learn
Remind me to teach my descendants what I have learnt in life
Remind me……to drink water

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Friday, 28 July 2017

The Girl Whose Name is Not from Cape Coast

This is an excerpt from a book I will love to publish in a few years. This might change as time goes by

Marietta Grant DeGrant

My name is Marietta Grant DeGrant. No, I am not from Cape Coast or any Fante town. No, I am not a Ga. I have had lot of issues with my name.

Sometimes, people tell me I am not a Ghanaian. They even wonder why I have a Voters’ ID card. They make proposals to send me to the police for having a Voters’ ID and allowing a foreigner to vote.

I am not a foreigner. My dad is from Akropong. I am known to have a funny accent which has subsided a little. People just look at my face and say I am not Ghanaian.

I have a question: What makes a Ghanaian face?

 Before I entered the tertiary institution and had my admission, the names of those who will be admitted were published in the Faculty and Department’s database. As soon as they saw my name, the students thought I was a foreign student. They were excited to have a foreigner (white lady) in their Department. What a funny world.

After a few weeks of admission, they never saw the white lady, so they were all disappointed.

A year later, a senior in the department asked of my name and I mentioned it.

“Oh, so you are the one?” she said. “When we saw your name, the guys were happy to have a white lady in the department. They were disappointed when they never saw the white or half-cast lady. Not knowing, you’ve been with us all this while.”

I had to laugh. A white lady? As far as I am concerned and doing my family history, I haven’t found out a white blood that existed in my family yet. I haven’t found out about an ancestor who was from Europe.

Excuse me to say, which foreigner wants to study ICT in Ghana?

Whenever we are in a crowd and my name is mentioned, most people expect to see a dazzling lady, so fair, so endowed, so tall, so powerful. All they see is a timid young lady trying to hide from the crowd. She is not tall. (Excuse me, I am not short either). She has a broad forehead, she wears glasses, so much disappointment.

Some people even think I am a boy after seeing my name on paper or hearing it, mostly when they see the Grant DeGrant and their eyes refuse to see the Marietta. Some even think it’s my nickname.
I am trying hard to enjoy my name. At least before I get married. Actually, it depends on the name of my future husband. My name would be Marietta Grant XXX or Marietta DeGrant XXX. After all, Grant is just my middle name.

It's not my fault that I have such a name. Life made it so.

My name is Marietta Grant DeGrant. No, I am not from Cape Coast or any Fante town. No, I am not a Ga.

And yes, I am a Ghanaian.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The MD Interview: The Story of KBAJ

KBAJ Entertainment is a complete   media house team and event management team committed to providing top-notch services with simplicity, difference, quality and style. We focus on the development and implementation of event strategies for individuals and organizations. We also specialize in mass publicity, event concept creation and management.
- Kwabena Berko Aning Junior, CEO of KBAJ Entertainment

Hello world. Welcome to another interview with Marietta DeGrant. Today, we interview a to-be entertainment mogul, who is trying so hard to make it big in the entertainment industry. His name is Kwabena Berko Aning Junior, popularly known as KBAJ.

When I was interviewing him, I realized that he has big plans in terms of the world of entertainment. He is someone who really appreciates his fans and those who support him.

Read the short interview I had with him.

Marietta: Tell us about yourself.

KBAJ: My name is Kwabena Berko Aning Junior and I'm 25 years old, last born of my parents and I love to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs like myself and also event organization is my passion.

Marietta: What inspired you to start the KBAJ Empire?

KBAJ: I was inspired by my granddad to turn ma party lifestyle to something meaningful and if it is event organizing I love doing, I should focus on that and make money out of it. Thus I named the company after ma granddad. His name was Kwabena Berko Aning and I added ma last name to it (Junior). So in a nutshell KBAJ is an acronym of KWABENA BERKO ANING JUNIOR.

Marietta: What is the role of KBAJ Entertainment? What do you guys do?

KBAJ: KBAJ Entertainment is a complete media house team and event management team committed to providing top-notch services with simplicity, difference, quality and style. We focus on the development and implementation of event strategies for individuals and organizations. We also specialize in mass publicity, event concept creation and management.

Marietta: What do you personally do apart from running the KBAJ Empire?

KBAJ: I'm a final year student of Perez University College and I manage a night club in Winneba. (Sat C)

Marietta: What are your hidden talents?

KBAJ: I play football very well.

Marietta: What do you normally do during your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

KBAJ: Hobbies. Love playing adventure Games. *Devil May Cry* is my favorite. During my free time, I try to put ideas together and come out with projects and events.

Marietta: What are you working on right now?

KBAJ: As at now we working on getting airtime on TV XYZ and Fiesta TV, so we shooting a Pilot very soon.

Marietta: Any other person who is part of the Board of Directors?

KBAJ: Yes, I have Board of directors I'm working with and the person spearheading goes by the name Francis Nana Boakye, popularly known as Tasty Gh. He is the national President and manager of KBAJ Entertainment.

Marietta: Can we consider KBAJ Entertainment as a club or something like a community?

KBAJ: KBAJ Entertainment, as I said earlier, is a registered company and we have teams in tertiary institutions also, so yes it can be considered as a club.

Marietta:  Do you experience any challenges?

KBAJ: Challenges Yes I have.  I have no sponsorship, so everything I've invested is mine and my board of directors I’m working with and as at now, financing big events is my biggest challenge.

Marietta: How can we stalk you on Social Media?

KBAJ: You can follow us on

Facebook:  KBAJ TV || Instagram: @kbajtvgh || Twitter: @kbajtvgh || Snapchat: @kbaj_gh

Marietta: Any shout outs?

KBAJ: Shout outs to my parents and my elder brother because they've been supportive since day 1 and BIG BIG shout outs to my team been through a lot and we still together.  I want to say I appreciate them a lot

Tasty Gh
Nana Kofi Cool J
Nana Owusu
Belinda Boateng
Michael Owusu (Cobbymyk)
Jeed Photography
George Essel (G-shot Photography)
Octa Sena
Joe Arthur
Yasmine (UK)
Frimpong Chuckee Jnr
Richmond Kpodo
Ivan Akwasi Appiah
Kweku Jnr
Eric Kolor
Joshua Baffoe
Bismarck Odum Sackey (MANAGER OF NYCE MEDIA)
Mr. Owalabi Sikiru (CEO of SAT C Night Club)
Mr. Eric Bempong (Snr. Lecturer in Perez University College)
And to all those who have supported me and guided me to be who I am today. All I'll say is a very big thank you and God continue to bless you. You guys give me reason to keep pushing.

Thank you very much for honouring this interview, KBAJ. You can read other interviews I had with other wonderful personalities.

Hondred Percent and His WTF Album

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Friday, 14 July 2017

The Marietta DeGrant Interview: Hondred Percent and His WTF Album

Anyone can do spoken word just the same way anyone can dance. As to whether you will be exceptional is something that only you can answer. If it’s your gift, it will come naturally and even then it’s good to watch others in their art and learn from as many resources as possible.
-Paul Forjoe Jnr aka Hondred Percent 

Hello world! You are welcome back to the blog to read another post on The Marietta DeGrant Blog. Today, we have a Marietta DeGrant interview with a spoken word gentleman and he goes by the stage name; Hondred Percent.

Marietta: Can you please tell us the story behind your stage name?

Hondred Percent: Now that I think about it, I guess I was destined to have the name Hondred Percent as I don't believe in coincidence.

The name came about in 2010 as I contemplated on a stage name to use back in Ghana as I share the same name with my father. What resulted was Hondred Percent (Which was previously Hundred Percent and was edited in 2016 to the current spelling).

My stage name is a testament and challenge to both my audience and self to strive for truth and greatness in whatever you do.

Marietta: When did you start doing spoken word poetry?

Hondred Percent: 2005 in South Africa

 Marietta: Which do you personally prefer? Written word or Spoken Word?

Hondred Percent: Spoken Word

 Marietta: Tell us your first experience with spoken word on stage

Hondred Percent: I was nervous. I was in a different country, trying a relatively different art form that I believed was a part of me. It was different and rewarding because I was accepted by the community as a poet.

 Marietta: Now let’s talk about your most recent Spoken Word project WTF? What’s up? What inspired you to write such mind opening poetry? Tell us all about it.

Hondred Percent: Creating an album has been a dream come true. If I made all the money in the world and did not have an album to my name I would not feel fulfilled....... Since the album is out now I guess I'll switch to making money (just kidding) πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

I grew up misunderstood. For the longest time I thought I had to conform only to realize that it was society that wasn't conforming to the natural order of things. I realized after a long while that it's okay to be different and not fit in and that it doesn't make you weird but rather special.

The album WTF? is my way of saying to the world that just because I'm different doesn't mean that I'm bad or wrong. I do this by painting society today with poetry and rap to reflect some pertinent issues that we take for granted.

In a nut shell I call out our hypocrisy as a nation and ask whether this is how we want our future to be like

 Marietta: Which piece in the album is your personal favourite?

Hondred Percent: It’s between the outro-WTF? and BNS Remix

Marietta: What inspired you to write gidigidi? Is it bad to be naturally gidigidi? (Also, define your understanding of gidigidi…lolz xx) 😏

Hondred Percent: I was inspired by an instrumental by DJ Julz which was titled gidigidi.

 Is it bad to be naturally gidigidi? Hmmmm...... all I'll say is that too much of anything is bad. Its neither good nor bad but must be controlled.

Gidigidi to me has multiple meanings. I see it as a Ghanaian adverb or adjective that is used to describe attitude, passion or the present state of an entity.

Depending on how it is used it could be perceived as good or bad.

Marietta:  Do you think if Africa could send a WhatsApp message, Africans would read and be more conscious of the things happening around them?

Hondred Percent: I believe so but to ensure that the message is well received it should be accompanied by a striking video that is laced with humor, shorter than 2 minutes and less than 50 MB.

Marietta:  Is it advisable for Pastors who want to preach against swear words to actually mention those words while preaching?

Hondred Percent: I believe so. Truth be told these are just words. It’s we humans and our interpretation that make them swear words. The words fool and stupid have both been used in contexts where they have communicated extreme displeasure than some so called swear words.

We need to realize that these words originated from somewhere. Understanding its origins and being honest about it helps in comprehension. For all you know these words may feel misunderstood.

 Marietta: What are the reviews regarding WTF? Are they finding any controversy?

Hondred Percent: Not many thorough reviews have come my way but the general consensus is that it's a good album. It’s not found controversy yet but I am hoping for some in the future.

 Marietta: What are you working on right now?

Hondred Percent: I'm working on my next album titled LISX. The only thing I will say now is that it will include features. πŸ˜‰

 Marietta: Let’s get into your personal life a little. What do you do apart from Spoken Word?

Hondred Percent: I have a 9-5(more like a 9 till forever lol) 😁that occupies most of my life. Aside that I have entrepreneurial interests I am exploring.

 Marietta: Please share with us your writing routine.

Hondred Percent: I don't really have one. It’s kinda like playing Pokemon Go. Sometimes inspiration hits you and you go with it. 

I could however say that when inspiration hits, seldom do I finish a piece at a sitting. It usually takes months or so to find inspiration again and pick up from where I last left of. This goes on and on till the piece is done. After which some edits come again as I go through the whole piece.

Marietta: What does it take to do Spoken Word poetry? Any advice for someone like me, who is shy to start and thinks he/she does not have the right voice to participate.

Hondred Percent: Anyone can do spoken word just the same way anyone can dance. As to whether you will be exceptional is something that only you can answer. If it’s your gift, it will come naturally and even then it’s good to watch others in their art and learn from as many resources as possible. 

My tip is to be creative and think outside the box. Think Key soap and Golden Tree met at a bar.

 Marietta: Social media handles please

Hondred Percent: Everything of mine is @hondredpercent

My website is

Thank you so much Paul for honouring this interview. we can't wait to hear your next album

For more inquires about The Marietta DeGrant Interview, please send an email to

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Another Pretty Little Liars Talk


Hello world!

I am finally writing a post about Pretty Little Liars and its finale and everything in between after two weeks of watching it. It is another Tuesday without PLL and I miss them already. The seasons have been pretty overwhelming.

The finale was a mixed feeling. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t even shocked about the reveal. I was just emotionless.

Now first, I thought Wren was A.D. Apparently, I would have been right if Marlene hadn’t changed the ending’s story line. According to this video, Wren was supposed to be A.D.

Let’s talk about the fact that a character we did not take notice of for a long time was A.D. Alex Drake. There were so many theories about Spencer having a twin but I did not want to follow them. They sounded so good to be true.

Some of my questions have been answered. In my last PLL post, I wrote about questions I was expecting from PLL and here are a few of them.

1.Who killed Charlotte?

2.Who killed Mrs. D?
Her sister....Mary Drake

3. Who killed Maya?
Still not answered

4. We want full members of the A team
Someone should give me the full list...lolz xx

5. Are we sure Charlotte got better or she was just pretending?
She was pretending

6. Who killed Sara Harvey?
Theories say Noel Khan

7. We met Sydney at a certain point. What was her role?
Part of the A.D team

8. Is there a possibility that Yvonne died?
She died....sadly.

9. Is Melissa still a mysterious suspect? the last episode, Mona used her face

10. Who is Charlotte’s father?
Pastor Ted

11. Who is A.D?
Spencer's twin sister...Alex Drake

Plus more.

Wren is the father of the Alison’s babies.

I feel the last scene of the finale was not necessary at all. Does it mean that Rosewood is cursed? Who would be threaten them? Would the texts be signed off by B and B. E after five years of high school graduation?

That would be insane.

I also heard there might be a spin off. Is that even necessary? Would you be interested in watching?

Let’s Chat: What will you miss about PLL? I will miss the opening credit and the theme song.

Got a secret? Can you keep it?

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Monday, 10 July 2017

5 Things I Love About the Rainy Season

Hello world.

Greetings to the rain that makes my days more comfy. I have been loving the rain lately. Maybe because I have been working from home, blogging and writing. I have been reading too. Reading lines of scenes and conversations with the rhythmic beats of rain drops on the roof. That sounds so much cool and comfy.

Here are 5 things I love about the rainy season.

1. Reading during the season

2. Long cold weekend nights with comfy pillows and a good cover cloth

3. My skincare routine is on point

4. Less clothes to wash. Clothes get less dirty

5. There is less sweating.

Let’s chat: What do you like about the rainy season?

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