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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Marietta DeGrant Poem: Can I Tell You?

I can tell you of my aesthetic dreams
The ones that makes my life look like a dreamland
But if it bores you, it’s ok
I see you are a different taste

I can still tell you of how I look kelewele
The feeling it gives my tongue
But it’s ok if you don’t like it
Because of the spices that makes your nose run

Maybe I can show you my journals
I wrote a story of a girl
I wrote a poem about a boy
But it’s ok if it doesn’t interest you
You hate to read

Can I tell you about the boy next door?
I can tell you about how I admire his lips
And the eyes he uses to wink at me
But it’s ok if you don’t want to listen
You are only interested in yourself

Can I still tell you about my aesthetic dreams?

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Writer’s Voice….and a Backpack

It’s been few days into the New Year and the Harmattan suddenly disappeared. (Well, good riddance). Instead, the weather has become somewhat hot, and high. I bet the sun has made New Year resolutions too.

I have been writing some bad poetry recently. I am more into writing short poetry and shorter ones.
Like these ones…..proudly photoshopped on African print cloth.

I have been searching for my kind of writer’s voice. I have been trying new ways of writing. Last year was a good writing year to the extent of having my debut play staged. I’m so blessed.

I am hoping to try spoken word. My voice is not the smooth, soft type and my voice over gadgets sounds like something else. Maybe, I need to sip more water before talking over gadgets.

My creative writing journal is almost full, and I am planning to use an old notebook to continue writing. Now, I carry my journal everywhere, so I use my backpack more often.

I need to go out more often and explore the living life and write about them. I am hoping to share my works with you online and be more creative and write more creative content and share more creative content. I want my blogs to have more creative content, not just news and how to do certain things.  I want to write things that we all relate to.

This semester would be a busy one. The year 2017 would be a very busy one, from this month till December.

Here’s to the year of writing more and staying out and becoming more creative in every aspect…even in fashion.

Let’s chat: What have you planned with your writing life, or what do you want to read from me?

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Monday, 9 January 2017

A Letter to my 17 year old self

Hello world, and happy 2017 to you all.

This is our first official post of 2017. Whenever I hear 2017, I think of my 17 year old self. Like how I thought of living a sweet sixteen life when I hear 2016.

But 2016 is gone. We won’t meet it again.

Today, I have written a letter to my 17 year old self. When I was 17, I was in secondary school, studying science and wearing heavy glasses. Not like the cute ones I am wearing now.

I imagine myself having a chat with my 17 year old self. I imagined what I would tell her, and how she would looked at me and be amazed. I am not saying she would be surprised at how I have changed or anything, but she would be amazed at how far I have come, in life. I haven’t achieved anything extraordinary, but I am still strong and moving forward.

This is a letter to my 17 year old self.

Dear 17-year old Marietta,

You are reading a letter from a future Marietta who is in her early twenties. Yes, she hasn’t changed a bit, and don’t worry about the hairstyle she is wearing now. You’ll love it when you get here.

You made New Year resolutions when you were 17. Trust me when you get here, you will stop making New Year Resolutions. One of them was to not fall into Mrs. Ghanson’s trap. But you fell into her trap by knelling down because you were late for Monday morning assembly. Fortunately for you, you escaped after the assembly.

You made another New Year resolution to study when no teacher was in class. That was a fail (maybe, not 100%). Instead, you always took your notebook to write bad poetry. Don’t worry, you start blogging to write more bad poetry when you get here, so feel free.

Do not worry if your Physics grade is not good. You won’t be studying Physics when you get here, but take your elective math serious. You’ll meet Calculus again.

Some of the friends you have made in school would no longer like to keep in touch when you graduate from secondary school. Do not worry about it. Try and look at their faces one more time, because you won’t hear from them again. That’s how life is.

Do not be too excited to turn 18. Enjoy your 17 year old self because when you get here, you’ll like to be 17 again. Also, save money. It’s very important.

Do not be worried about anything, do not be angry with life. Life over here, though bittersweet, is getting better. He answers prayers, and helps you get through life. Do not worry about what to do in the university. When you turn 18, you’ll know your passion and you’ll be studying the course you applied for with all of your heart.

Be patient, and don’t worry.

Best wishes,
2017 Marietta.

Let’s Chat: If you were to meet your 17-year old self today, what would you tell him/her?

p.s. Mrs. Ghanson, former Senior Housemistress (Mfantsiman Girls' Secondary School)

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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Saturday, 31 December 2016

The New Year Tag

It is the last day of 2016 and my last blog post of 2016.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.

Today, we have some questions here, and it is questions about the New Year. I will try and answer some of them. In the blogosphere, we call it the New Year Tag.

Anyway, let’s get started.

Pick 3 words to describe 2016.
Achievable, Great, Thief

What were the best book you read in 2016?
No Sweetness Here and other stories by Ama Ata Aidoo
Hidden Rainbow by Christmas Carol Kauffman
Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

What was your biggest change from January to December?

Cutting my hair

What was the biggest thing you learnt?
Life is short. Live in the moment

What was one New Year resolution that you accomplished?
I have stop the habit of making New Year resolutions

Something you’re looking forward to this coming year.

Something concerning education… out for it.

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Friday, 30 December 2016

Kelewele Date with Marietta (30/12/2016): A Letter to 2016

Welcome to our last kelewele date of the year!!! WHOOOOO!!!! Can you believe it? I still remember when it was the beginning of the year and I wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about it, but it is almost over, so we thank goodness about that.

Anyway, 2016 was a mixture of everything. In this kelewele date, I have written a letter to 2016.

Dear 2016,
Oh, you are almost ending I can see. Your last day is tomorrow. I can’t believe that is the end of you. I remember when I was a little younger, I thought you would be a very strange year. I thought we could have pen pals from space and drive our cars in the air. How wonderful. You are ending tomorrow and I obviously know nothing like that would happen tomorrow.
Or would it?
You made the beginning of my year less enthusiastic. A loved one of mine was seriously ill, but she is ok now.
I made new friends in you. I made some achievements during your time.
But you know you took some people away, right. That’s what we hate about you. You gave us broken hearts.
You made us put our broken hearts on paper. We wrote more than we expected.
But you are going away, and we won’t see you again. That is somehow a good thing, but we will keep the sweet memories with us and the achievements and the milestones. Just the good aspects of it. For the bad sides of you, you can take them away. Take them away, and never let them come back. We have no room for them.
It was a privilege to meet you, 2016.
Good bye.

Let’s meet 2017.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Prepping For 2K17 + #LightTheWorld Review

Hey world

3 days till the end of the year. I bet some people are making New Year resolutions. Good luck on doing that. I stopped making New Year resolutions some years ago, so those kind of resolutions like losing weight (I don’t have to lose weight. For someone like me, I have to put on some flesh.), going to church every Sunday (I already do that), saving money (No comments on that one), and all that jazz. Nesta wrote about the failure of New Year Resolutions and I totally agree with him.

I am not discouraging you on making New Year resolutions. You have every right to, but please make realistic ones.

During the festive season, I was involved in a campaign called Light the World. We invited people from all walks of life to participate. Every day from 1st December till December 25th, we were required to participate in an activity that would show kindness and let us do good to ourselves, family, friends, strangers and other people around us.

If you were following me on Twitter and read my Blogmasposts, you will see me posting an activity daily for #LightTheWorld, especially on my Twitter.

It was like an advent calendar, and it was refreshing doing it and I felt so good. Even though, sometimes, I was so busy I lost track once, or twice, but I tried hard to get back. I can admit that not every day was perfectly made.

The aim of the campaign was to light the world, and turn the activities into goals for the New Year to continue to light the world, so it doesn’t end on the 25th. It continues into the New Year and throughout ourselves.

I really enjoyed engaging myself in this advent activity, and I hope next Christmas, there would be more activities like this.

How are you prepping for 2017? Any goals, resolutions?

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