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Monday, 19 March 2018

How to Shop Books Like A Pro: Buying Books You'll Not Regret

Don't always follow the best selling lists

Book lovers love to go on a book scout, looking for the books that have been recommended to them. When the new book hits the shelve, we can’t wait to lay our hands on them and consume the goods therein. We always want to have something on our table because our reading list never gets empty.

In a conversation with a book lover recently, he asked me; “How do you know which book to buy and where do you get them?” We will all have different answers to this question because we acquire books differently. So, I’m going to take my time to discuss the various ways one will know which books to buy and buy them without any regret and also where to find what to buy.


#1. Follow book recommendations from your favorite writers or bloggers.
Sometimes, it’s not easy to know which books to buy. There are a lot of them at the shelves and there are so few you could buy so you want to ensure you buy the books that would serve you well in the end. This is where recommendations become very important. To get the very best recommendations, subscribe to the mailing list of writers and book bloggers. These people read a lot of books and they recommend the very best of books they’ve read based on genre. Depending on how many mailing lists you are subscribed to, you are assured of getting a lot reviews that would inform you on the next book to purchase. You can follow my book list here 

#2. Don't always follow the bestseller list.
People are mostly tempted to buy the books tagged as bestsellers. I’m guilty of that and most times I’m left disappointed. The fact that a book is listed as bestseller doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy reading it. Remember, the book you will enjoy reading are books that solves a problem in your life or a book that answers a question for you. Such books are not necessarily bestsellers. So, when buying books, stay off the temptation of buying books just because it’s a bestseller. Shop around your best interest. That way, you wouldn’t have any reason to regret your purchase.

#3. Follow book boards on Pinterest
That’s what I use Pinterest for. All the boards I follow are boards that talk about books. What happens is, you get the opportunity to read book list from people from all corners of the world who have different tastes and interests when it comes to book. You see a photo that says “11 top books that will make you cry.” If you are in the mood of crying, you just tap on the photo and click “Read.” Pinterest will take you to the site where the book list is curated so you know which ones are worth the buy.

#4. Join a book club
Book club is also another avenue to get intimate with books that you love. In Ghana, there a lot of them and they all have their schedules and their book of interest. Some book clubs are formed around fiction and none-fiction. Others are formed around classical books and literature. Depending on your interest, find one of these book clubs and join. They usually pick a book for members to read and at some point, in the month, they meet to discuss the book. There’s one that I join. It’s called Kadi Book Club  and it’s centered around non-fiction and self-help. Most of the books I buy are recommendations from Kadi club so I hardly regret a purchase.

#5. Be friends with readers on social media
Book lovers usually share what they are reading on the timelines. The share quotes and snippets of their current reads on their timeline. Some even go the extra mile to review what they are reading. When you find yourself with these people on social media, apart from the fact that you are motivated to read and join the conversation, it also gives you the opportunity to know the kind of books to buy the next time you visit the shop. Find these people on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. But find me first…wink!

Where to shop the books

Our aim is to shop on a budget and when it comes to books, we look for places we would get the books we want and at cheaper prices. Below are some of the ways to get the books you want;

#1. Second-hand shop
The number one place to buy books at cheaper prices are the shops that sell second-hand books. These shops are scattered along the streets of Accra and many places in Ghana. And they sell all genre of books.

The only disadvantage here is that, you usually don't find the titles you want and if you find, it's through serendipity. It takes a lot of patience and search to finally get what you want since books from these shops are hardly categorize.

#2. Book Hawkers
I love the book hawkers. Though they carry a very little stock, if you are lucky to find the title you want, you can trust that you will have it at cheaper prices. When you see them, don’t be lazy, ask them to unpack so you can go through their titles one after the other. Chances are that, you might find what you are looking for. If not, you might find an interesting title to buy. Either way, you win.

#3. Bookstores
Bookstores usually hold a very large stock of books and as such, it’s easy to find what you are looking for. If you have a list of books that you want to purchase and you want a place you can find them, then a bookstore is the place. There, you can check out all the aisles and find the what you came to buy. Chances are, you can even stumble on a title you didn’t plan for but have interest to buy. The only cons with the bookstore is that, usually the prices aren’t cheap as compared to the two places above but you’ll get what you want anyway.

#4. E-books from online
 No matter what people say about e-books, they are not going to go away. It’s now an entrenched category that a lot of people love to read from. I love e-books for its handy nature and for the fact that I can carry thousands of them around at a time. I’m never short of books because of e-books. Also, when new books arrive and most bookstores haven’t stocked them, you can buy the e-book online. It’s cheap as compared to the paper counterpart and you can buy in the comfort of your sofa and read it instantly. Buy eBooks.

About Nesta

Nesta Jojoe Erskine is an author, blogger and social media manager who helps businesses and individual entrepreneurs manage their digital presence and also builds an audience for their brand leading to more engagement and online sales. He blogs on and you can follow his works on…

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Friday, 9 March 2018

The 6th March Photo Walk 2018 ExperienceπŸ“·πŸ“±

Photo Credit: Ghana Photography

Hello world!

I hope the sun is treating you right! Happy Friday by the way.πŸ˜‰

Ghana photography in collaboration with Photogbeis organized a photo walk last Tuesday on the 6th of March. While others were marching, we were walking on the deserted streets of Osu. Yours truly, attended the photo walk and really walked.
It’s been long I visited Osu, so it was an opportunity for me to visit the nostalgic town.

I have a dream of entering into photography and even though, I do not own a professional camera yet, I still decided to attend. After all, I do not need to wait to buy one before I can start practising.

It was really nice walking on the streets of Osu that was supposed to be busy. I have never experienced Osu as a quiet and empty town. Our goal was to take random pictures of anything we see in the town.

Actually, almost 98% of the photographers I met were holding a camera. But we were encouraged to use our smartphones if we had one. My smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus) does not have the best camera, but I tried my best to give it a try. These are some of the things I took


The Artist Lonely Workspace

The Neglected Chick (Child)

Also, other photographers took pictures of me.
Photo Credit : Koss Gallery

And I made a few friends

And tried to do an advert

The problems we encountered were not new to us. Some people found it offensive to be taking pictures of certain things. They said we are required to ask permission before taking them. Some kids were beaten by their guardians because they allowed us to take pictures of them. I thought beating children of certain unnecessary things made them timid. Some required money before pictures were taken of them. Some feared the camera so did not allow us to take pictures of them but allowed us to take pictures of their products. Some thought we were tourists, gallivanting with our camera. Some people saw us to be really weird people.

A post shared by Marietta Grant DeGrant (@marienoelgrant) on
I would love to attend another photo walk with them again. Hopefully soon. 
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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A Poem for You

I don’t know whether the official colour(s) for St. Valentine’s Day is red or red and white.

Good morning and happy red day!

I don’t know whether the official colour(s) for St. Valentine’s Day is red or red and white. Some of us did not wake up to red roses and a surprise chocolate and teddy bear or breakfast in bed and yada yada yada.

When I woke up this morning, I was hoping of seeing some love captions with associating pictures on Twitter and Instagram and maybe Facebook.


Oh, see what she bought me. I love her so much.

My boyfriend is the best. He surprised me with breakfast in bed.

Then we will react with the love reaction and go like awwws and ohhhs.

After 14th, end of story.

But I have a poem for you today. *insert crowd going wild*. Because that’s how we do every year on the blog right?

Some Things I Love about Him (page 1)
His eyes, like the moonlight made of red dust
His touch, like the kisses of delicate roses
His kisses, like the shores of a happy beach
His hugs, filled with heavenly kisses
His voice, required to open my heart’s gate
His laughter, welcoming me home

So, for your information, this poem was written last year. I decided to review it and make some changes, so the words on the photo might slightly differ from what was just typed on here.

Have a nice day everyone!

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Friday, 9 February 2018

The Valentine Talk ft. Aquilas

Aquilas Out with New Single 'My Baby’
40K Records & RS Music presents you this piece, titled ‘My Baby’ by sensational versatile act Aquilas. This song is inspired by true life experiences
This awesome vibe is strictly created for your amusements, make sure you always have it on your playlist. The song was mixed by T2 and mastered by Slim Drumz.

Hello world!

It is 5 days to the day of love and chocolates and romance and xoxo, so I grabbed Aquilas and forced him to talk about love.
Just kidding, I didn’t force him.

So I asked him about love and the St. Valentine Day celebration and most importantly about his new single; My Baby which was inspired by true life events.

After all, you are not the only one who doesn’t normally celebrate the Val’s day. He also doesn’t celebrate it.

Say what! You are not alone.

Marietta: Tell us about Valentine's Day. How do you feel about it?

Aquilas: I feel Valentine’s Day is the best time to show love since it’s accepted worldwide that it’s the time to show love

Marietta: What does love mean to you?

Aquilas: Love means taking responsibilities for your partner to make her happy

Marietta: Tell us what your ideal Valentine's Day celebration looks like.

Aquilas: Mostly I don’t celebrate Valentine's Day so I will be home writing music as usual

Marietta: What Valentine's Day activities can you recommend for people who are single?

Aquilas: Maybe seeing a comedy show

Marietta: Tell us about your new single My Baby

Aquilas: My baby was one of the songs I feel I took time to write and it is my best so far and the response is great.

Shout outs to all my fans and those supporting me.

Download his new single here

Follow him on social media

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Symbolic Poem: The Sky as Your Crown

Nowadays, I call myself a poetic photographer. I have taken smartphone photography as my new passion. I wanted to be a professional lifestyle photographer but I do not need to wait to get enough money to purchase a camera before I start. I decided to start with my smartphone.

So if you want me to take a picture of you using my smartphone, I am always available. I don’t have the best camera quality but I can do something about it.

There is this palm tree at home and it looks funny. It is not dead, but the fronts have withered. It is still firm to the ground, producing palm fruit and providing shade. I wonder if it is normal for a palm nut tree to look like that. To look dead, yet living.
This palm nut tree looked symbolic to me, so I decided to write a short poem about it.

You were in pain
 But you still wore
 The sky as your crown

There are people who are in pain, whether physical pain or emotional pain, but they overlook those pains and care for those they love and grew up with. It is their calling to do that, and they have gladly accepted it.

In the end, try to look at the brighter side of things. Have hope and be strong.
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Monday, 29 January 2018

The Miracle Morning Review + My UPDATED Morning Routine


Hello world!

I know! I have been MIA since December, but do not worry, I am fully back to work. So much went on in the last couple of weeks, and that is how life is. There will be ups and downs.

So, I am back.

I just finished reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and after reading it, I realized mornings are taken for granted. Yes. A lot of things can be done in the mornings which can help us have a great day ahead.

Reading this book has made me improve upon my morning routine. I do have a morning routine, but reading this book has helped me improve upon it.

I had heard so much of this book, I did not know where to get it, so I asked a bookworm, Nesta whether he had it and he “lend” it to me. Thank you Nesta!

The beginning of the book was quite tragic. Reading about an accident that happened, and how bad it was. It might make you want to stop reading, honestly. Reading it further made me realize, life is a big painful thing we are all passing through. The author of the book went through certain things that made life seem cruel.

Apart from that, this book was easy to understand, interactive and easy to follow. Most reviews were talking about the writing being so cringe worthy, but I liked it. He wrote it like he was talking to you one on one, and I think that is what we all need.

The book gives you easy step by step ways we can make our mornings exciting, fresh and fun. I recommend this book to everyone.

I give this book 4 out 5 stars.

Now unto my morning routine…

I have made some changes to it. I am currently trying to live life more fully. Not just by going places and having fun, but also, adapting habits that will make me happy, that will help me get closer to my dream life.

Since my alarm goes off at 4:44am, I will extend it to 4am, so that I can enjoy the miracle morning to the fullest. A few new things I would be adding are:

5 minute silence

These are the few new things that I would be adding to my morning routine.

If you are finding ways of trying to have a perfect morning even if you are not a morning person, I recommend reading The Miracle Morning.

Let’s Chat: What do you dread most about mornings? What do you think about the book if you have read it? What would you like your mornings to be like?

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas from the Store

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!

--Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Hello world!

It’s been a while I wrote a blogmas post here. Life has been pretty busy, overwhelming. Is it just me, or time is really running quicker than normal? Today is 21st December, just 3 days and 17 hours to Christmas. By the time we realize, we have entered 2018.

Oh well, life itself just passes quickly by.

I was at work yesterday when it dawned on me that we have entered the 20s of the month, but I hadn’t had time to do a proper Christmas shopping for gifts and food. I then understood those who usually say they hadn’t got time to do anything.

Well, maybe, I do not know how to manage my time.

A thought came to mind. Christmas is not all about the physical things we use to celebrate. As I participate in the #LightTheWorld initiative, I realized Christmas is all about having time for your loved ones and the people who love you. I must not worry about not having time to do Christmas shopping, I must worry about not having enough time to spend time with family, friends and loved ones.
The #LightTheWorld initiative has taught me about the value of service and presence. Jesus Christ gave service to His fellow men, even though he is the King of kings. He took care of people and loved them.

The quote I wrote above came to mind. I have been watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas since I was younger, and this quote came in handy.

Do not worry about not having time and money to spend on the material things of Christmas, even though, it is so cool and fun to do such things. The most people thing is having the people you love around you during this time of the year.

The end!

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