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Friday, 28 April 2017

Kelewele Date with Marietta (28/04/2017): April Favourites

Hello world!

It is almost the ending of the month. I can’t believe we are entering into May. May means end of semester examinations, the start of the long vacation and Winneba’s very own Aboakyir.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Let’s begin today’s kelewele date.

Let’s start with Instagram Accounts I have eyes for, and it is mostly about food.

Abigi Healthy Bites is one I follow……most especially because of the colourful smoothies she display. I’m just waiting for a branch in Accra.

This is a very interesting food account which even shows behind the scenes of the food they are about to sell to their clients

This account wants me to celebrate my birthday every weekend. They are into cakes most especially

This account is dope. I am in love with it. I am an introvert and I relate to most of their posts.

To talk of shows, I haven’t really started watching the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I am not ready for it to end, though I want to unmask A. D. Right now, I am done with 5 strong seasons of Jenifa’s Diary. Hoping to catch up with the rest of the episodes.

The Orange-Tangerine Plant at home in Accra has been producing very sweet fruits. They are huge like oranges but must be peeled in the way we peel tangerine.


Easter was great, though I was mostly indoors. I went offline for about 48 hours, read The Power by Rhonda Byrne and tried to write more lifestyle blog post drafts.

Anyway, talking of lifestyle, I now write for JUMP Ghana. Jump is for Busy Ghana and I am part of the writers who write for the Lifestyle and Entertainment Segment. You can read some of my articles here and here.

Let's continue to talk on social media #keleweledate

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lessons I Learnt At the Asoboya Dance Production

Asoboya…..because I wanted to work with animals, and living creatures and their form of communication to creation as a whole. Then I met this word which explains both. Asoboya in a word from Gonja meaning animal or living creatures.
-Charles A. Harding.

Last weekend was super fun weekend. The weekend began early Thursday night, when the Asoboya Dance production began.

In case you didn’t know, Asoboya is a Gonja word, meaning Living Creatures. It was choreographed by Charles A. Harding, who is a final year dance student at the University of Education, Winneba.

Asoboya uncovers the extent to which life in the wild would be incorporated into contemporary African choreographic pieces; giving passionate dancers the opportunity to dare and explore limits.

Blueticks Inc. was a media partner for the dance production. They are a company of creatives that help brands to build close relationships with their customers and the people in the society. I was involved. We used #IAmForAsoboya to get interactive with people to invite them to the dance production, and helping people to see things from a different perspective, which was the major aim of the dance.

Even though, we just went there to stay glued to the stories and dance and eat popcorn (it was so deliciousss…..), here are some lessons I learnt from the dance production….

1. Animals don’t smile.
Throughout the dance production, anytime an animal performs, they don’t smile. The humans in the dance production could express their emotions by smiling, frowning and expressing shock.

2. The snake will forever be an enemy to man.
When the snake saw man, he bit him and he fainted. No matter what, even if they don’t see much humans in the jungle, when they see one, they’ll bite you.

3. We can behave as animals but animals cannot behave like humans.

If you were at the dance production, you would see how well the dancers acted as frogs, gorillas, cats etc. But you cannot train a cat to act as a human on stage.

4. There is survival in the jungle.
If there is the need to fight for their survival, they would do it.

5. The jungle can be a peaceful place

The jungle they experience no problem can be a very peaceful place.

If you didn’t attend the show, I’m sorry you missed it. Anyway, I’ll let you know when another dance production comes up.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Reasons Why I Prefer Cooking To Eating Out

Hey world!

Last time I was talking with a friend and we were talking about how some guys tend to buy food outside than to cook. Also, it was not too long ago that I was told of a lady who had cooking utensils and food, but didn’t like to cook.

Really, nigga?

Well, I don’t really blame her, because I don’t really know her reason for doing that. I thought of myself. I actually don’t consider myself as a good cook as compared to my mother, but I am hoping to get there, where I’ll get A+ in cooking than in shopping.


Well, the only reasons why I’ll ever eat out would be

1. I’m new to a neighbourhood and I’m trying to adjust myself and unpack

2. My gas is finished

3. I’m sick and there’s no one to cook for me, so I need a food booster like waakye or kenkey.

4. I’m on a date

Those would be the only reasons, and I cannot imagine myself eating outside if I have food and gas.

Here’s to the reasons why I prefer to cook than to eat out.

a. I want to become a better cook and I know by cooking, I’ll be getting there one cooking session at a time. I know there’ll be days when you would be feeling lazy and all that, but on that lazy day, I’ll just put on some music and use my not-so-bad dance steps to cook.

b. I want to avoid complaints.
If I eat out, it gives me the opportunity to complain about how bad the food tastes. When I cook, and I eat my bad food, I can’t complain, I caused it.

c. I would get left overs
When you cook, the left-overs would serve as breakfast on busy mornings.

p.s. is it just me, or left-over foods are the best?

d. I can learn to garnish and take pictures of it. Who doesn’t like the sight of her own garnished foods?

It is the opportunity for me to try new recipes I have pinned on Pinterest and watched on YouTube. Sounds fun, right?

Let’s Chat: So, what about you? Do you prefer to eat out or cook your own meals at home?

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to be a #GIRLBOSS

Hey world!

You are welcome back to my blog. If you are new to this blog, you are so welcome. Make sure to bookmark this blog, or subscribe by email.

I have been reading Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS. I am not done reading, but I love the book. There are so many things that we can learn from the book. Apart from telling her stories, she has beautiful quotes and doodles that can motivate you to keep you going.

I hope to finish reading the book, so that I can write a review about it.

Sophia Amoruso says; “A #GIRLBOSS is someone who’s in charge of her own life. She gets what she wants because she works for it.” She also said that, life is short. Don’t be lazy.

The first time I heard the word, I was in love with it. Girl Boss……a word, I put at the back of my mind to be wherever I go.

To my opinion, a girl boss is someone who has a set of characteristics and qualities I have defined. If I had the chance to write a book on how to be a #GIRLBOSS, here would be the ways of becoming one….

1. A girl boss has dreams
If you want to be a girl boss, you have to dream big. Dream bigger than your Pinterest boards, have a vision of living the life you want to live.
2. A girl boss sets goals.
In other to achieve your dream, you have to set goals. Goals help you in getting to the life you want to live. If you want to be a writer, you need to set a goal of writing a piece every day in the morning. If you want to lose weight, you have to set a goal of exercising 3 times in a week.
3. Do want you love
Do you love dancing? Then dance! No one should prevent you from dancing. If you love wildlife, you can volunteer in wildlife clubs. If you love to farm, you can start a little backyard garden and dream of having great farms one day. Do what makes you happy and brings you positive feedback.
4. A girl boss is creative.
Be creative. Let your ways of doing things be creative and unique. Find ways of doing things differently. Doing things as others are doing would be different. Stand out and people would appreciate that.
5. Do not look down on yourself.
Do you feel you are not doing great as you should, or do you have a voice in your head telling you you are not good enough? Do not listen to that voice and look down on yourself. If you have trouble with that, I suggest you memorize positive affirmations that makes you kick butt.
6. Forget Competition
Do not ever think of being a girl boss and seeing yourself as better than someone. In cases where there are so many people in your department pursuing the same goal, do not take that chance of becoming better than your competitor. Forget competition, or else you might not get the results you want to get.

Let’s chat: How do you define #girlboss in your own words and understanding?

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Busy Days and Sunshine

Hey World!

My weekend was great! How was yours?

These days have been hectic. I need not to complain. One of the major things I learnt in life is not to complain. Reasons being that

11.       No matter what you do, problems will still exist.

22.       It tells other people that you have problems. For instance, complaining that you are hard up or you have headache to random people.

33.       You should be grateful for where you are. People want to be where you are.

My days have been very busy, and I have been trying to find peace and sunshine in those busy days and speaking of sunshine, literally, the sun has been coming to work earlier in the mornings, and doesn’t seem to go home early. The weather is literally HOT. I don’t know why. Now going out is literally, a problem.

Since I have been very busy and drinking tons of water (which I think it’s a plus), I have been trying to create my own sunshine of happiness. (Even though, moody days are sometimes cool).

Attitude of Gratitude
I try to take some little time to think about the things I am grateful for. I sometimes write it down and reflect on them. The list contains names of people, my talents, my health, the life lessons, my work, school and even things I cannot express.

Play Games

I don’t know why I did that last month, but I downloaded games that are meant for children and I played with it. There’s no harm in that. In fact, it brings out the inner child in you.

Beach Babes

The beach is a relaxing place, except for the fact that sand gets between your toes. Go to the beach and have a conversation with the sea. Think about the future and see how great it will be.
(Life Hack: Rub baby powder on your feet before walking on the beach to prevent sand in between your toes.)
Life is short, so live in the moment. Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts.
Let’s Chat: What do you do when you have busy days, yet you want to create your own sunshine?

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Kelewele Date with Marietta (31/03/2017): Struggles

Hello world!

March ends today. This post comes to you live at dawn. I have so many things to do. I will be going to the other side of town

Welcome to this month’s kelewele date. Be warned, I might complain a lot in this post.

These past weeks have been a tough and busy one. I do not have enough sleep lately, and I wake up late. These weeks have been challenging. My creativity is in crisis, and I seriously need it back. Balancing school, work and social life is not easy, and I feel exhausted easily. My mind looks like a messy mind-map, but I try to feel positive.

My personal note to self

Although, you are going through these annoying times, you have to try and get your stuff together, and look put together. Try and look presentable in your appearance. Glasses and sunglasses helps you to hide your eyes. A bold lipstick is not bad to hide those troubled annoying times.

This is when you try to run to the beach to stare at the ocean. Then the ocean tells you that, he is also going through tough times, like collecting dirt and travelling a long distance to deposit them somewhere.

Me: I bond with you, Mr. Ocean.

Mr. Ocean sounds like I am having a chat with Billy Ocean.

Procrastination has paid me a visit. I have been postponing a lot of things……like doing laundry but I never procrastinate my eating habits. Food is now my friend……plus coconut water. 

How has your month being?

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Silent War

I have been hearing suicide cases sometimes, and recently, I have heard of 2. Unfortunately, all people do is to chastise and to be judgmental.

I have a problem with that.

I mean, the chastisement and being judgmental part.

You see, we are all humans and of different everything. Different mind, different heart, different personalities etc.

When someone commits suicide, your job is not to sit and chastise the person of being stupid. After all, the person is gone and can’t hear your chatter. Your job is to find out what you could have done if you knew of the person’s problem, and also to make sure no one around you commits suicide since it is becoming very common.

You know, as different as we are, people have various reasons for ending their lives. Maybe, you’re so strong, you were able to overcome your depression and you never attempted to hurt yourself or even attempt to commit suicide.

When the KNUST student committed suicide, most people jumped to criticize her as a fool. To me, I became upset about it. You never know the real reason why she did that. Maybe, her parents told her to study hard or else something would happen, or it could be another reason. You have no right to say she is a fool for doing that.

We claim to know psychology but we still chastise a victim of suicide. Don’t they know suicide is a psychological issue? This is just hypocrisy. I know most religions see suicide as a sin but have you ever considered your own sins?

If you have been depressed before and you survived it, it doesn’t mean someone else has the heart to go through it. We do not even have enough counselling services around us.
Our job is to make sure no one around us commits suicide and comfort those who are depressed and fighting a silent war inside them.

We should create a suicide awareness around us, and an awareness on self-harms.

To those feeling depressed or suicidal, please be patient. Don’t do anything stupid. I’m so sorry you are hurting but everything would be ok. Think of kelewele, chocolate and ice creams. There’s a lot to eat. 

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