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Friday, 24 July 2015

If I Were To Get Invited 2

Hello lovely people. This is part 2 of the post I wrote last time. I think I'll classify this as a fan fiction.

Last time, you read about how I got into Elikem's office and annoyed him.

This time, I'll go to Stonebwoy's house to ask him to be my date for Elikem and Pokelo's wedding.

Reasons why I will ask him to be my date.

1. He just won the BET Best International Act Award for Africa, people!

2. If he gets to be my date to the wedding, people would be starring at him and they'll ask"Who's that girl? She's so fiiinnneee"

3. They'll ask "What's her name?" "Marietta DeGrant " "Is she Ghanaian?" "Of course"

4. I'll be doing Elikem a favour by advertising his dress (though, he doesn't need it because everyone knows of Elikem The Tailor!)

5. The reporters will ask me. "Who are you wearing? And I'll say"I'm wearing Elikem", because that would be my first time of saying that celebrity phrase on air!

6. I'll get to be Stonebuoy's annoying paddy paddy.

7. I'll be in the headlines: WHO'S THAT GIRL???

8. Later I'll blackmail Stonebuoy to write and sing a song for me with the title "Marietta", or else I'll write bad things about him. (People, I'm just kidding oo). I don't write bad things about people.

9. I'll be invited to the E Talk Show and Amanda would ask me"Are you dating Stonebuoy?" And I'll say "He was just my date for my friend's wedding"

Hahahaha. That would be the end of my fame. After the interview night, no one would talk /discuss about me.

10. On an entertainment newspaper, they'll write
"Where is Marietta?"
And they will get to know "She's just a blogger and a student, hiding"


I hope Stonebuoy reads this and laughs.

Hahahaha. You wish!

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