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Friday, 3 July 2015

Movie Review: La Bamba

LaBamba Movie Poster

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia pa(ra) mi pa(ra) ti

I recently watched about one sweet musician called Richard Steven Valenzuela (Popularly known as Ritchie Valens) who used to do the Chicano rock and roll music. He was a singer songwriter and a guitarist.
Ritchie Valens

My mum once told me the story of this guy. A movie was made to tell his story. The time she told me the story, she had forgotten the title, but said, he made a song for his sweetheart, Donna.

Lou Diamond Phillips played the role of Ritchie in the biographical movie, La Bamba. At the beginning of the film, there was a scene, like a memory, which turned out to be a nightmare for him throughout the movie. Some teenage boys were playing basketball in a school yard. Above them, two airplanes collided, falling into the school yard and killing one of his friends. This made him have the fear of boarding an aeroplane.

Ritchie was a cute 17 year old guy who loved to play the guitar, was full of life, smiles and stayed with his mother, half brother Bob and other siblings. He loved a girl called Donna at school, but her father was having issues with their relationship. He wrote a song for her with the title 'Donna '. They were so cute together.
Unfortunately, because he became famous (which made him drop out of school ), he had to be taking planes in order to go on tour. On that fateful night of February 3rd, 1959, when he went for the Winter Dance Party tour with some other musicians, he boarded a plane with them, during a storm (he even had the flu). The plane had a crash, leaving no survivors. That's when my heart broke, that's when music died. He was just 17!!!!!

I wish to tell you the whole story from A-Z, with every detail, but watching it would be better. If you're a little emotional like me, you better hold a handkerchief, because you would shed some tears.
I loved the love-hate -jealousy relationship between Bob and Ritchie. Though their mom was more on Ritchie's side than Bob. (Because Bob was a drunkard, irresponsible and snatched away Ritchie's first girlfriend, Rosie, from him), there would be some obvious jealousy around, but Bob loved his half brother and was ever ready to help Ritchie succeed in his career.

I'm already shedding tears as I type this, listening to his music too, 'Come on, let's go', 'La Bamba ', 'We Belong Together ' and 'Donna '. Please watch it, and I bet you, you'll love him.

May his soul rest in peace, and we love you, Ritchie Valens.

Oh, Donna
Oh, Donna
Oh, Donna
Oh, Donna

I had a girl
Donna was her name
Since she left me
I've never been the same

'Cause I love my girl
Donna, where can you be?
Where can you be?
Bob and Ritchie

 Please, watch it!

Have you seen the La Bamba movie? What do you think about it?

Stay as sweet as Ritchie Valens

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