Meet Marietta (About Me)

Hello! Salut! Me kyea wo oo!

This is me, the mastermind behind this blog. I am Marietta and this little space of the internet is where I write my heart out. I am all sugar with a dash of spice.

I love to write. Writing is my bag and the hobby I live and breathe. I write poetry, stories and I am trying my hand on flash fiction and enjoying it. It's been an exciting journey in the writing world.

I am a twenty something year old lady currently studying Information and Communication Technology (ICT). My dream is to work in magazine companies, improve upon the Educational system in my country and be a world famous writer ( I am working on it  ).

When I meet new people, they ASSUME I am not friendly and don't like talking. When we become friends, they think I'm friendly. When we become close or best friends, they KNOW I am CRAZY and a bit of a talkative.

Apart from being glued to my laptop pinning and blogging, I get lost in a book. I read novels, poetry, magazines and comic books. Reading takes you to another world, for another adventure. I read John Grisham and begin to talk and walk like a lawyer. I read Sailor Moon comics and I feel like saving the world in her outfit!

My dreams are extremely huge, it cannot fit space. I believe in making goals and planning your life and celebrate when they are achieved.

I started this blog to publish my literary works (poems and stories), then I included lifestyle and my life adventures with the aim of allowing me to talk about life, how to enrich it on a tight budget, share inspiration and practise my passion for writing. I see this blog as an online magazine where I am the CEO, editor in chief, photographer and writer. All these because, it's my big dream of working in a prestigious magazine company.

Don't forget to pass through the contact page so that we can get in touch. *wink*wink*

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