Monday, 8 May 2017

The MD Interview: That Guy Called ShayD

As the name says "ShayD" I just can't be predicted. You can't tell my next move.

Hello world and welcome to another interview with Marietta DeGrant. I introduce to you a new act, ShayD.

When I was interviewing ShayD, I realized that he is very passionate about his career as an artiste, and determined to move forward with music. He said music is his way of life. His life.

Read the short interview I had with him.

Marietta: Tell us about yourself

ShayD: I go by the name Nana Kojo Amakyi. Last of 3 children, born on 6th Sept, 1993. Attended St. Augustine's College in Cape - Coast then to the University of Ghana, Legon

Marietta: What kind of genre do you do?

ShayD: I'm into Afro Dancehall

Marietta: Apart from music, is there any other thing you involve yourself in?

ShayD: I am solely into music. Aside music I own a clothing line yet to come out "Psycho Wear"

Marietta: Why the name ShayD? Any history behind the name?

ShayD: As the name says "ShayD" I just can't be predicted. You can't tell my next move

Marietta: What is it with musicians and stage names? Can’t they just use their own name?

ShayD: I believe stage name gives an artiste the unique feature they need. Also makes you easily identified. Other artistes however use their own names, example Joe mettle. Lol 😀

Marietta: What inspired you to be an artiste?

ShayD: Well, I won’t say I was inspired. It is a gift I have had since birth. I will say it is a lifestyle.

Marietta: When did you come out of the sheets as an artiste?

ShayD: I have been following music since childhood. I was a member of the choir at church.

Marietta: Is there any singer/rapper that inspires you in the world of music, or was it an ordinary person?

ShayD: Talking about idols, I have a couple of people I admire, but the inspiration was all by myself. I said to myself, I have the talent why not go out there and do your own thing. And that is where it has brought me now

Marietta: Do you write your own lyrics?

ShayD: I am my own music writer, no ghost writers whatsoever

Marietta: Now to my inquisitive question, how did you meet Trigmatic?

ShayD: I met Trig together with Ghana’s finest producer B2 during one of the studio sessions. At that time I had the song done but without Trig's verse. B2 played the song, Trig listened and liked it and just then magic made.

Marietta: Are you signed to any record label?

ShayD: I am under PsychoMovement headed by myself.

Marietta: Drop your social media handles

IG: @justshayd
Twitter: @justshayd
Facebook: ShayD GH

Marietta: Give some shoutouts

ShayD: Shouts to my team Psycho Movement. Shouts to Dopenation and to everyone who supports me. I appreciate the love. It's your boy ShayD😀

Thank you very much for honouring this interview, ShayD. Get his latest music here

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