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Monday, 8 August 2016

A Chat with Rita

 Fashion and style is… not something that can be explained, but seen, heard and experienced.
~Rita Benyiwa Anuansah, C.E.O of Rita Xclusives

Hello world, you are welcome back to my blog. Yeah.

So, today, there is another interview on the blog. Yay! And it’s with an old friend of mine, Rita.
Rita and I were school sisters, we lived in the same boarding house in secondary school. She was one year ahead of me, thus, my senior.

So, we went our separate ways. Now, she’s in Ukraine, and I’m still here in Ghana. (Hint: That’s how life is). She’s an entrepreneur now and making headlines in the African community abroad. The funny thing is, I saw her to be a fashionable person when we were in school, but I never knew, it would turn out to be business for her.

Her name is Anuansah Rita Benyiwa, and she’s a student at the National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)-Kiev. This year she won Miss International KPI. She is studying Telecommunications Engineering, with a major in Systems and Networking.

Marietta: Hello Rita and you are welcome to my blog. How has the year 2016 been for you?

Rita: 2016 has been a great year by the Grace of God .It has been a year of success and excellence.

Marietta: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Rita: Fashion has been part of me since childhood.

Marietta: How do you define fashion and style? Are they the same or are they two different things?

Rita: Fashion and style is hard to define because it’s not something that can be explained, but seen, 
heard and experienced. Well to me, fashion is commonality and style is individuality by this I mean. Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.

Marietta: What is your main source of Inspiration in designing?

Rita: My main source of inspiration is from my late mum.

Marietta: What is your favourite part about being a designer?

Rita: It gives me everlasting joy to see a satisfied client “rocking” my designs.

Marietta: What are your favourite trends this year?

Rita: I love the African trend of fashion where the African fabrics are made into beautiful designs of all kinds, it’s just wonderful.

Marietta: Who is your favourite designer of all time?

Rita: I like all designers and get inspirations from a lot of them as well but I am my own favorite designer.

 Marietta: What are your top 5 favourite clothing items in your closet?

Rita: My top 5 favorite clothing items in my closet are the dresses I made for myself.

Marietta: What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now?

Rita: It has always being my dream to have my own clothing line, that is what I am actually working on now in some few years to come.  Ritas Xclusives (RX designs) is going to be one of the biggest designs of all time. RX designs for all and sundry, for men, women and kids as well.

Marietta: What is your dream job, apart from being a fashion designer?

Rita: Apart from being a designer, I am also a telecommunication engineer.

Marietta: Tell me about a day in the life of Rita.

Rita: Well, I wake up before the sun, take a shower and get ready for the day, eat breakfast, and get my stuff together, then I go out the door and go to school, then I make the best of my school day, and after school I go  home ,  prepare a nice meal, take a nap, study and design and make some clothes and when I  have a little free time  check what’s going on, on social media or  I do whatever I want, then I climb into bed and sleep. I guess this is basically the life of a student on week days

Fun Randomness

Marietta: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Rita: I would love to be sky blue colour because it is calm, peaceful just like me.

Marietta: Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you do not like?

Rita: I would definitely get stranded alone in an island than with someone I don’t like.

Marietta: If you were a guy, what would have been your name?

Rita: If I were a guy I would have been called Jason or Stanley.

Marietta: What was the last gift you gave to someone?

Rita: A shirt

Marietta: Describe the colour yellow to someone who is blind

Rita: Yellow is the warm sun while a cool breeze blows on your face. Yellow is exciting without being loud or angry. It is a warm, soft color, like a baby chick, or the warmth of sunlight .I would say then that for most people, the color yellow is that feeling one has when near a fire on a cold day.

Marietta: What’s worst for you: Washing clothes and washing dishes?

Rita: I prefer washing clothes to washing dishes

Marietta: How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Rita: On a rainy day I prefer being on a cozy bed listening to a soothing music to put me to sleep.

Marietta: What question do you hate to answer?

Rita: I hate been asked questions which already have answers in the question

Marietta: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Rita: Yea I do have a celebrity crush on an American actor Terrence Jenkins.

Thank you so much Rita for honouring this interview. You can stalk her on social media


For more enquiries, please email or head onto my contact page.

Au revoir

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