Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wake Up With Me In Winneba: Aboakyer 2017

I have now gotten some rest and the energy to write and blog about Aboakyer 2017. I do not have much to write and enough pictures to add to it.

So they said the fun started on Thursday, when the #LemonThursday took place. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend. For me, the fun started Friday night, after my last class. Town was very full and alive. I bought a drink, Bricafi Drink, and laughed with friends, and laughed at them, especially those who fell into the gutter.

Saturday morning, I woke up…..late, watched some PrettyLittle Liars episodes and went out at 1pm. I could not attend the deer hunt, but I heard they caught a very tall one. Victory.

In the afternoon, there was a royal procession. This was my first time of watching the procession, even though I have witnessed the festival 4 times. Bummer.

At nighttime, Winneba was alive and full of people, music, drinks and food.

On Sunday, we went to the Run-Off Bar and Restaurant to meet Lil’ Win. He came to town. Who would want to miss dancing to “Mama Boss Papa”?

Monday was my resting day. Funnily enough, town was very empty.

Where have all the people gone?

This year’s Aboakyer was one of the best according to moi.

See you next year. You can’t afford to miss.

p.s. Wikipedia has got you covered if you want to know what the festival is all about

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