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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

This Guy is Sick-Krizick

Krizick is a singer songwriter and a software developer, and
Best RnB/Pop Artist at the 2015 GUM (Ghana Underground Music) Awards.

Welcome to another Marietta DeGrant Interview. Today, we have a musician and a software designer here. I enjoy interviewing musicians (singer songwriters) because they write, and I am interested in writing. Interviewing young art people is interesting, because they go through challenges people do not know about. Growing and making it in the art industry as a young person sometimes makes you want to give up, but we learn lessons and we grow with it.

Marietta: Hello and you’re welcome to the Marietta DeGrant Blog. What does your name, Krizick mean, and where did it come from?

Krizick: It's Kriz and sick combined. The name came about one time in a studio. I got into the studio one day and the producer Fab was working on a hot beat for another act. So when I got in, all I said was, Damn! this beat is hot! So I started laying some bars as I got in. So as I was laying the bars (rap) they were all like, Damn! this guy is sick. So when I got done the act whom the beat was meant for asked my name and I said Kriz and he said Kriz you sick. So anytime they went like Kriz those bars were sick and all that. So my producer Fab was like I think you should add it to your name, so we both sat down and came out with Krizick.

Marietta: Oh really. Long history.

Krizick: Hahaha. Yeah

Marietta: Ok, so what inspired you to join the world of musicians? In order words, what inspired to be a musician?

Krizick: Been a fan of music for a very long time. I think the passion for music got the best of me. So I started creating and making my own sound

Marietta: So, when did you come out of the blankets as a musician and is your family musical?
Krizick: Way back in Senior High School; Osei Tutu Senior High School. My family is not really a musical family.

Marietta: Alright cool, but is there a famous musician that you admire who influenced you to be in the music world, or an ordinary person?

Krizick: I think both. It was Sarkodie, El, Jayso, Jay Cole, Drake and my producer Fab and my high school friend Lesley.

Marietta: Do you write your own lyrics?

Krizick: Yeah, and make my own beats too.

Marietta: Where do you get your inspiration from, in terms of writing your lyrics?

Krizick: Mostly inspired by what I hear and what I see.

Marietta: And, do you play any instruments?

Krizick: A little bit of the keyboard.

Marietta: That’s nice. Are you signed unto any record label?

Krizick: Yeah. I am working with Winning music now.

Marietta: What are you working on right now?

Krizick: I am working on some mixtape album, soon to drop.

Marietta: How did it feel like to win best RnB/Pop Artist at the 2015 Ghana Underground Music Awards?

Krizick: It was awesome at least you know people appreciate and love what you doing. It was a great moment for me

Marietta: Yeah, I know right. Even nominations show that people love and appreciate what you are doing. Which do you enjoy most? Being in the studio or on stage?

Krizick: I think I love and enjoy the studio more... you get different vibes and all that but I enjoy and love my fans too

Marietta: I see. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Krizick: I always try to give my all when so where there are hitches I re-organise myself and make it happen.

Marietta: That’s smart. Have you personally experience any beef, or competitive nonsense? What is your opinion on them then?

Krizick: Not really, I think it's not healthy for our industry as this old saying goes together we stand, divided we fall. We need that togetherness love to move forward.

Marietta: I like that. But I heard you are a software developer too. Tell me about it.

Krizick: Yeah... I used to fancy how computers and applications works. So I was all in finding how to connect the dots that landing me into learning how to code.

Marietta: Do you think your knowledge in ICT also helps in creating beats, ‘cause your beats are so sick.

Krizick: Yeah I think so. My knowledge in ICT influences most of the things I do.

Marietta: How do you balance your growing music career, with other obligations-school, internship, social life?

Krizick: It's quiet hectic but I try my best to put music on the low whiles in school and music full time on vacations. When I say music on the low, in the sense of, not being in the studios or recording new material.

Marietta: Give us a day in the life of Krizick. We want to know whether your life is boring, or glamourous.

Krizick: I’m the indoor type, so mostly on my laptop either working on an application as in programming or making beats or writing down lyrics. I like to get some me-time at the studio so I mostly go to the studio late at night work through the night then come back in the morning. Apart from that I’m home.

Marietta: Hey, I’m curious. When writing down the lyrics, do you use pen and notebook, or you are the digital type?

Krizick: I'm the digital type. I don't want to be searching for my songs book and can't find it so I keep it digital as in anywhere where I am I can have access to it and I can write and update it anytime.

Marietta: Oh wow. This is my first time of meeting someone who likes to go digital in terms of writing. I am usually the cute notebook and pen type. Hahaha. But let’s talk about the music business. How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

Krizick: It’s been great as in helping musicians share their works globally.

Marietta: Ok. Give us one reason why a lady shouldn’t date a musician.

Krizick: Being a musician is one hell of a hectic job sleepless nights in studio and not mostly around. So if you are a jealous type I would advise you not to.

Marietta: Jealous people should not date musicians. I thought, you wouldn’t answer that. What are some of the challenges you face in the music industry of new discoveries. We sometimes think, you have no problems. Everything goes on smoothly for you guys, but are there any challenges?

Krizick: Being a new act itself is challenging. It's hard to get DJ's to play your songs, getting people to buy into your ideas, even people to support you is sometimes a problem. Mainstream acts will check your song they will tell you it is dope but will never link up or connect you.

Marietta: I guess it’s a dog-eat-dog music world. Any shout outs?

Krizick: Yeah to DJ Germinae, Yaww Views, Ekow all the fans, family and supporters. God bless them all and to you too for having me...I appreciate it

Marietta: Thank you. How can fans stalk you and access your music?

Krizick: They can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can access his music here, here or here

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