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Monday, 8 June 2015

NoelInternDiaries 2015: Chapter 3. What's In My Bag?

Hello world!
Today, we are having another talk on this segment, the Noel Intern Diaries 2015. And you all know that I am a bag lover and I can't do without one. Definitely, you need a bag for your internship, right? So today, I'm going to show you what I normally put in my bag when doing my internship.

Notebook. I always carry a small sized notebook around . I'm a casual writer and love to jot down inspiration and ideas whether it is for a poem, story, blog post or even videos.

Planner. I can't go without planning my day. It became part of me since I entered secondary school.

Headphones. To be used during my break. I love listening to music, spoken word, podcasts, and other audio recordings

Phone. For the obvious reasons

Charger. I used my phone a lot, so I have to charge my phone when it is almost dead

Umbrella. It rains a lot during this period in my country

My keys. I have to get home sometime


Chewing gum /mint. Just to freshen my breath


Inhaler. I am an asthmatic patient

A Beauty Bag which contains
Hand cream
Hair elastics, bobby pins, clips
Hand sanitizer
Lip balm
Feminine towels
Eye liner

These are mostly the things I put it my bag used for internship. The organizations I usually intern in do not allow the bringing of laptops and pen drives.

So, ladies, what do you put in your internship bag?

Stay sweet!

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