Friday, 9 March 2018

The 6th March Photo Walk 2018 Experience📷📱

Photo Credit: Ghana Photography

Hello world!

I hope the sun is treating you right! Happy Friday by the way.😉

Ghana photography in collaboration with Photogbeis organized a photo walk last Tuesday on the 6th of March. While others were marching, we were walking on the deserted streets of Osu. Yours truly, attended the photo walk and really walked.
It’s been long I visited Osu, so it was an opportunity for me to visit the nostalgic town.

I have a dream of entering into photography and even though, I do not own a professional camera yet, I still decided to attend. After all, I do not need to wait to buy one before I can start practising.

It was really nice walking on the streets of Osu that was supposed to be busy. I have never experienced Osu as a quiet and empty town. Our goal was to take random pictures of anything we see in the town.

Actually, almost 98% of the photographers I met were holding a camera. But we were encouraged to use our smartphones if we had one. My smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus) does not have the best camera, but I tried my best to give it a try. These are some of the things I took


The Artist Lonely Workspace

The Neglected Chick (Child)

Also, other photographers took pictures of me.
Photo Credit : Koss Gallery

And I made a few friends

And tried to do an advert

The problems we encountered were not new to us. Some people found it offensive to be taking pictures of certain things. They said we are required to ask permission before taking them. Some kids were beaten by their guardians because they allowed us to take pictures of them. I thought beating children of certain unnecessary things made them timid. Some required money before pictures were taken of them. Some feared the camera so did not allow us to take pictures of them but allowed us to take pictures of their products. Some thought we were tourists, gallivanting with our camera. Some people saw us to be really weird people.

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A post shared by Marietta Grant DeGrant (@marienoelgrant) on
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I would love to attend another photo walk with them again. Hopefully soon. 
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