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Monday, 3 April 2017

Busy Days and Sunshine

Hey World!

My weekend was great! How was yours?

These days have been hectic. I need not to complain. One of the major things I learnt in life is not to complain. Reasons being that

11.       No matter what you do, problems will still exist.

22.       It tells other people that you have problems. For instance, complaining that you are hard up or you have headache to random people.

33.       You should be grateful for where you are. People want to be where you are.

My days have been very busy, and I have been trying to find peace and sunshine in those busy days and speaking of sunshine, literally, the sun has been coming to work earlier in the mornings, and doesn’t seem to go home early. The weather is literally HOT. I don’t know why. Now going out is literally, a problem.

Since I have been very busy and drinking tons of water (which I think it’s a plus), I have been trying to create my own sunshine of happiness. (Even though, moody days are sometimes cool).

Attitude of Gratitude
I try to take some little time to think about the things I am grateful for. I sometimes write it down and reflect on them. The list contains names of people, my talents, my health, the life lessons, my work, school and even things I cannot express.

Play Games

I don’t know why I did that last month, but I downloaded games that are meant for children and I played with it. There’s no harm in that. In fact, it brings out the inner child in you.

Beach Babes

The beach is a relaxing place, except for the fact that sand gets between your toes. Go to the beach and have a conversation with the sea. Think about the future and see how great it will be.
(Life Hack: Rub baby powder on your feet before walking on the beach to prevent sand in between your toes.)
Life is short, so live in the moment. Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts.
Let’s Chat: What do you do when you have busy days, yet you want to create your own sunshine?

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