Friday, 31 March 2017

Kelewele Date with Marietta (31/03/2017): Struggles

Hello world!

March ends today. This post comes to you live at dawn. I have so many things to do. I will be going to the other side of town

Welcome to this month’s kelewele date. Be warned, I might complain a lot in this post.

These past weeks have been a tough and busy one. I do not have enough sleep lately, and I wake up late. These weeks have been challenging. My creativity is in crisis, and I seriously need it back. Balancing school, work and social life is not easy, and I feel exhausted easily. My mind looks like a messy mind-map, but I try to feel positive.

My personal note to self

Although, you are going through these annoying times, you have to try and get your stuff together, and look put together. Try and look presentable in your appearance. Glasses and sunglasses helps you to hide your eyes. A bold lipstick is not bad to hide those troubled annoying times.

This is when you try to run to the beach to stare at the ocean. Then the ocean tells you that, he is also going through tough times, like collecting dirt and travelling a long distance to deposit them somewhere.

Me: I bond with you, Mr. Ocean.

Mr. Ocean sounds like I am having a chat with Billy Ocean.

Procrastination has paid me a visit. I have been postponing a lot of things……like doing laundry but I never procrastinate my eating habits. Food is now my friend……plus coconut water. 

How has your month being?

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