Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Silent War

I have been hearing suicide cases sometimes, and recently, I have heard of 2. Unfortunately, all people do is to chastise and to be judgmental.

I have a problem with that.

I mean, the chastisement and being judgmental part.

You see, we are all humans and of different everything. Different mind, different heart, different personalities etc.

When someone commits suicide, your job is not to sit and chastise the person of being stupid. After all, the person is gone and can’t hear your chatter. Your job is to find out what you could have done if you knew of the person’s problem, and also to make sure no one around you commits suicide since it is becoming very common.

You know, as different as we are, people have various reasons for ending their lives. Maybe, you’re so strong, you were able to overcome your depression and you never attempted to hurt yourself or even attempt to commit suicide.

When the KNUST student committed suicide, most people jumped to criticize her as a fool. To me, I became upset about it. You never know the real reason why she did that. Maybe, her parents told her to study hard or else something would happen, or it could be another reason. You have no right to say she is a fool for doing that.

We claim to know psychology but we still chastise a victim of suicide. Don’t they know suicide is a psychological issue? This is just hypocrisy. I know most religions see suicide as a sin but have you ever considered your own sins?

If you have been depressed before and you survived it, it doesn’t mean someone else has the heart to go through it. We do not even have enough counselling services around us.
Our job is to make sure no one around us commits suicide and comfort those who are depressed and fighting a silent war inside them.

We should create a suicide awareness around us, and an awareness on self-harms.

To those feeling depressed or suicidal, please be patient. Don’t do anything stupid. I’m so sorry you are hurting but everything would be ok. Think of kelewele, chocolate and ice creams. There’s a lot to eat. 

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