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Monday, 23 January 2017

My Writer’s Notebooks

 I have a confession to make. Actually, it is not a confession. I was born like that. I am obsessed with notebooks. (Stationery in general)

I have kept so many notebooks since I started to write. The sight of notebooks with so many blank pages makes my skin grow goosebumps. Every page has an adventure to help us cherish every word written on it.

I am still an old fashioned writer. I still write in notebooks. I am trying to love the digital way of writing. When I was interviewing Krizick, he told me he loved the digital way of writing. I am trying to learn that way of writing digital, but don’t think I will be feeling the vibes while doing that. The probability that I will be adapting that strategy would be low.

I introduce to you, my 2017 writer’s notebook.

Well, it is not exactly a new notebook. I had this notebook in High School, I saw my friend, Vanessa (Hi! Vanessa, if you are reading this) holding it (It was originally for her) and I begged her to give it to me. She gave it to me and I wrote my favourite quotes in them. But I don’t do that anymore and I decided to use it as my writer’s journal/notebook. There are so many blank pages in it right now, and I want to exhaust them with my words. Using this would be better than buying a new one. (To be honest, I might just go on to buy new ones. Remember what I said in the beginning of this post?).

I decided to cover it with brown paper and put some of the words that describe my personality; Like Dreamer, Born in the 90’s. If you look closely, you’ll see kelewele. (Oops. My bad). Hashtag (#) is the new way of talking on social media in our generation.

My writer’s notebooks are where I hide my writings. Maybe, I’ll bring them out.

Let’s Chat: Do you have any obsessions over stationery?
Do you keep notebooks where you write your heart out, whether you are a writer, or not?

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