Monday, 21 November 2016

A Day in the Life: The #InternDiaries Edition

Hello world!

Sometimes, I read or watch people talk, or show their typical day in the life. Mine is not an extraordinary one. I wake up, go to work, come home, eat and sleep.

But I have written about two A Day In the Life posts and people seem to enjoy it. My blog is the only place I can write or talk about things like these, because when I write my autobiographies and memoirs, you might not see stuffs like these.

So, here is a day in my life, as an intern.

04:44am Alarm goes off for the first time. Time to stretch and close my eyes again

05:07am Second alarm goes off. Personal time (devotion, journaling, music) and checking social media and emails

05:30am thereabout House chores, prepare fire for water and breakfast

06:00am Personal hygiene. You know, those things……

06:30am Breakfast, dressing up, check everything is in my backpack

07:15/07:20am off to work

08:00am Check planner, relax as I get to work. Here, I try to do work intended for the day. If I get a free time, I journal, write or blog or my project work. If I get some free time, I run personal errands. I do not always go for break, since I am trying to save up some money for some upkeep.

03:30pm we close from work, and linger around.

04:30pm thereabout I get home, try to relax, do chores, get something to eat.

06:30-07:30pm Personal time. I read, or watch a favourite show, journal, or be on social media. Plan what should be done the next day. I mostly chill on the corridor with Mom.

09:30pm Time for bed. Sometimes, I sleep later than that.

This is a typical day in the life of me as an intern. Some days are more fun, some are much boring. But this is just a typical outline.

p.s. Watch out!!!

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