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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Hello world!

Happy new month to you all. I hope, you are all fit as a fiddle. (Wow, Marietta, you are going back to the 19th century?). Never mind.

Life has been pretty hectic lately. I hardly feel the social part of my life anymore. Between student teaching internship, having my project work supervised, and many other things, where can I find the fun?

Before I started this internship, I thought, oh more time for me to build upon my social life. I thought, because I do not need to study since I am on internship, except for the period when I am writing my action research, free periods would be in abundance. I hardly iron casual outfits anymore. I wash and iron more work clothes.

I now understand the plight of workaholics. It’s not their faults. At all.

I now always look forward to weekends, the time I can get away from the overwhelming feels of student teaching. Yep.

I need a break. A very long one. I feel I have to recharge myself, but unfortunately, there is no break until the school vacates. I am hoping to make good use of the Christmas break before school resumes next January.

We are in the month of November, glory be to God! I can’t actually believe the year is literally over. I remember the beginning of the year like it happened yesterday. The beginning was not a cool one at all, but I am grateful for everything.

The year 2016 has been some way, not the sweet sixteen I expected it to be, and not the year of scary scenes.

Anyway, we still have hope. More vim.

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