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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fan Fiction: The Scene

If you have been following me on Twitter, you should have seen this tweet.

My fan fiction spirit has awoken. So, enjoy the short fan fiction I have for you today, starring Samini.
Yeah, the Batman Samini guy.
I know. I love him too.
The Scene

There he was, at the left side of me, Samini. The almighty Samini. OMG!!! I could not believe it.

It all started like this. There was an audition for new actors, I went through and got the role.

That’s it.

So, now here I am, sitting three seats away from Samini. I can sing all his songs, and his life too. I know everything about him. I mean, ask me any question about him. His date of birth? December 22. His hometown? Wa. How many music albums? More than 5. How many awards? More than 10, and still counting.

Enough of the biography written by me without authority. Let’s focus on the movie we are acting together.

So fortunately, I am given a role to be someone very close to him. Unfortunately I am not acting as his significant other. I am just his little sister in the movie.

Hmmm. I jealous the girl who will be his significant other, but it doesn’t matter. I still get to touch his dreads, and see his perfect teeth.

“Take your places everyone”, the director called. I glanced at Samini, who also glanced at me. I smiled, but he was distracted by his personal assistant. We were getting ready for a scene where we were both at home, and there was a little chit chat. I quickly skim through my scripts, took in a deep breath, and repeated my mantra in my head. You can kill it, Marietta. You can kill it.

I laid on my stomach on the sofa, and was holding a fashion magazine. I was wearing a simple white tee with black shorts.

“Lights ready. Camera ready. And action!” I heard the clapper board, then jolted nervously.

Yao: Hey Ami, you are up already. (Ami was my movie name. Samini is Yao.)
Ami: Hmmm. [Ami raffles through the magazine, then smiles at a picture of a dress]
Yao: [Takes his gym bag from the sitting room floor] Why are you up so early? It’s only a few minutes to 5.
Ami: [Rolls her eyes] I can’t sleep again oo. And what are you trying to say? Don’t I look like someone who can wake up early?
Yao: [Shakes his head] Not at all, little sis. Not at all.
Ami: [Frowns at Yao, and glares at him] Whatever.
Yao: [Smiles at sister]: Hey. Michaela is coming over.(Michaela is Samini’s girlfriend in the movie). I want you to help me tidy up the house, cook dinner and make my bedroom romantic. I have already bought the rose petals, the candles—
Ami: [Jumps out of the sofa] Wait oo. Let me get this straight. You want me to enter your room, just because your new catch is coming over? [Rolls her eyes and drops her arms beside her] Unbelievable.
Yao: [Smiles] Of course. [Walks closer to Ami and pats her short hair]…………..

Hold it! Pause time please.

Samini pats my hair? It’s unbelievable. My favourite person puts his strong hands on my head. That’s why, I have paused the time. I have to take a picture of this. I wish I could touch his dreads too, but that was not in the script. Maybe, I could accidentally touch it. After all, acting is being natural, and I could touch it playfully. If I was his girlfriend in the movie, that would be so much easier.

Now, back to the scene…….

Yao: [Smiles] Of course. [Walks closer to Ami and pats her short hair] after all, you are my sister. You can enter into it anytime.
Ami: [Looks at Yao skeptically] since when? Because you never wanted me to enter your room. For once, I thought it was a shrine, a forbidden place.
Yao: Well, forget about that. Just help me for today. [Gives Ami a bear hug]………..

Pause this! Pause this!

He hugged me. Yee-haw. I don’t have to hug my pillow at night again. He smelt good too.

All right, let’s continue the scene.

Yao: Well, forget about that. Just help me for today. [Gives Ami a bear hug, then puts the strap of his gym bag on his shoulder]. I’ll be back in two hours’ time. See you later. [Walks out the door]

“And cut!’’ the director called. “That was brilliant, Samini. Brilliant! I loved it. We’ll take another shot of the scene again after our 20 minutes break.”

Wait, what about me? Didn’t I do a great act? Just because Samini is a superstar already, he gets all the credit. Hmmm.
I walked to a table across the room, took a glass of water, and sat down slightly angry at myself, the director and everyone else.

I felt someone sit next to me. I didn’t care to look at who it was.


I reluctantly turned to see the person next to me. Samini.

“You know something? You are a fantastic actress and you are the one who made me act so natural. I hope to continuously work with you.”

I stared at him blankly. I could not believe what was happening right now.

Just imagine this. You are sitting right by the man you admire. You are working with him in a movie. The director did not compliment you, but you are getting a compliment from the man you admire and are working with.

Pinch me. Is it a dream? This is, like the best dream ever.

He stretched out his hand for a handshake with a smile. “I’m Samini.”

I smiled, then took his hand. I mean, who doesn’t know Samini. “Marietta.”

“Nice meeting you, Marietta. I hope to see you frequently. You want to grab a drink?”

Who would say no? “Sure.” I smiled at him.

So, let me ask this question. Are we now friends?

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