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Monday, 25 April 2016

Wake Up With Me In Winneba: My Sunday Chapter

My Sunday at its best: Church, beverages, waffles, religious magazines, sea breeze, religious/inspirational music.

The world looks different on Sundays, especially in the society in which I come from. We usually honour the day by attending Church.

Sundays are quiet time alone for me, especially, after Church.

My Sunday routine is actually not any unique one biaa. (I’ve started talking like I am speaking to my friends, lolz xx). I wake up in the morning, put on some good religious music (most of the time, it is either the good local Gospel songs or The Mormon Tabernacle Choir), or watch some inspirational videos from the Mormon Channel or any other inspirational video. I usually get my Sunday clothes ironed and shoes picked the day before. After dressing up, I go to Church.

After church, it’s time for pictures taking with friends and a little bit of chatting here and there. Anyway, it is all good.

I come back home, and have some quiet time alone. I either read more inspiring messages, do some scripture studies, have some beautiful music playing in the background with snacks or just take a nap. Actually, it doesn’t even end there. I might go in for some sea breeze with some friends.

But for me, Sunday is the Sabbath Day. A day of rest, a day for family, a day for reflection and a day for gratitude.

How are your Sundays spent? 

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