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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Songs That Feels Like Home

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well, if not at all, you are grateful for something in your heart. Exams start in less than a week (sympathize with me, lolz xx), and Aboakyer Festival is just around the corner. Can you imagine? Exams is the opening ceremony of the festival. Meaning, Exams start before the celebration of the festival.


How on earth would you chill while there are books to read and codes to write?

Anyway, since exams start soon, it means, we are looking forward to the long vac. A time to relax after a stressful academic year.

Before I began this semester, I decided to play one of the CDs that we normally play at home. Mummy was recovering at that time, so I decided to play one of our CDs and listen while going about doing some house chores. I began to wonder why we had these CDs, why my parents bought them. I wonder why, because anytime, I sing them, no one seems to know the songs.


Most of the CDs we play at home are not popular in this society that I live in. They are modern folk music, oldies from the 70’s, the Beatles, Portuguese music, Spanish, Arabic, Reggae, silly songs and others.

Sometimes, I wonder why I listen to them. It’s not because I love them or anything, but it’s because, they feel like home.

At least, if you miss home, listen to those songs and you will feel like you are still there.
At times too, the songs remind me of my childhood. They were the songs that were mostly played when I was just a child. I don’t remember listening to Japanese songs, even if I did, I don’t think I’ll remember them, except the educational ones.

I miss the Shogakukhan educational songs. That’s where I learnt most of my Japanese words, but they are all gone.

The Carpenters is one of my favourite CDs played at home. The CD has two artistes’ music on it. The Carpenters and Simon and Garfunkel. Simon and Garfunkel’s music are sort of, er……. (I can’t think of a word. It’s not a bad word, though).

Lambada is another CD, I love to play, to bring energy and life into the house. It is entirely in Portuguese but we still play it, anyway. By the way, have you watched the movie? (The Forbidden Dance)

We have more than 20, 30, 40 CDs that remind me of my childhood. It’s amazing how, I did not like listening to them because none of my friends knew the songs, but now, I listen to them to revisit my childhood.

They are the songs that feels like home.

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