Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Another Pretty Little Liars Talk


Hello world!

I am finally writing a post about Pretty Little Liars and its finale and everything in between after two weeks of watching it. It is another Tuesday without PLL and I miss them already. The seasons have been pretty overwhelming.

The finale was a mixed feeling. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t even shocked about the reveal. I was just emotionless.

Now first, I thought Wren was A.D. Apparently, I would have been right if Marlene hadn’t changed the ending’s story line. According to this video, Wren was supposed to be A.D.

Let’s talk about the fact that a character we did not take notice of for a long time was A.D. Alex Drake. There were so many theories about Spencer having a twin but I did not want to follow them. They sounded so good to be true.

Some of my questions have been answered. In my last PLL post, I wrote about questions I was expecting from PLL and here are a few of them.

1.Who killed Charlotte?

2.Who killed Mrs. D?
Her sister....Mary Drake

3. Who killed Maya?
Still not answered

4. We want full members of the A team
Someone should give me the full list...lolz xx

5. Are we sure Charlotte got better or she was just pretending?
She was pretending

6. Who killed Sara Harvey?
Theories say Noel Khan

7. We met Sydney at a certain point. What was her role?
Part of the A.D team

8. Is there a possibility that Yvonne died?
She died....sadly.

9. Is Melissa still a mysterious suspect?
No...in the last episode, Mona used her face

10. Who is Charlotte’s father?
Pastor Ted

11. Who is A.D?
Spencer's twin sister...Alex Drake

Plus more.

Wren is the father of the Alison’s babies.

I feel the last scene of the finale was not necessary at all. Does it mean that Rosewood is cursed? Who would be threaten them? Would the texts be signed off by B and B. E after five years of high school graduation?

That would be insane.

I also heard there might be a spin off. Is that even necessary? Would you be interested in watching?

Let’s Chat: What will you miss about PLL? I will miss the opening credit and the theme song.

Got a secret? Can you keep it?

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