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Monday, 19 June 2017

Weekday Scribbles

So I decided to blog about nothing in particular today. I just felt like writing something but I didn’t know what. Even the title is a problem. Please enjoy my useless updates on nothing.

Going Home

Going home from work/school/whatever has this kind of atmosphere that makes going home a happy destination. As we walk, we meet other people with different expectations. The smell of popcorn less than 100 meters away, the smoke of barbecue on the grill, the grilled corn seller tempting you makes life seem so full to the extent that the annoyance or stress you acquired from wherever you are coming from seem to disappear. Just because you are closer to home. Your bed just awaits you.


Can we ever get tired of poetry and the lines we do not understand? Sometimes, you feel like you want to write a poem so bad, but the words aren’t floating in your head, but rather above your head. You stare at your journal or your computer screen but the words are just laughing and making fun of each other above your head. Can anything get any worse?

Dear words, just sit still in my brain! I am closing my eyes, by the time I open them, I should see some words before my eyes.

More laughing, more mockery of each other.

Oh well. They just want to play with each other before I play with them.

The John and John Movie

Life is too short…..for long story.

Thank you for reading my useless updates.

Pray I don’t write another one.

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