Monday, 1 May 2017

Inspiration took a walk

Happy May Day! and happy Aboakyer week from Winneba

Since the end of the Easter celebration, I have not been my creative self. I do not feel inspired to write or dream of anything, not to talk of doing something. I usually experience this sort of feeling as a writer a lot of times, but this one was just too much. I told my best friend about it and he told me I should socialize more.

First of all, I did not need socialization at that time. I need some time alone. Also, as a proud introvert, we do not appreciate socialization, even though, sometimes, in my opinion, socialization is fun.

I read some quotes, read my dreams and goals. Still, inspiration was nowhere to be found. Inspiration took a walk, without telling me it was going for a walk.

We, introverts, have mastered the art of finding ourselves when we are alone. Unfortunately, it did not work for me at the time that I needed it. I needed to go out.

One Saturday, I visited the beach with a friend to find inspiration. I stared at the ocean, trying hard to find a lesson. It just made mighty noise, telling me that he still rules the beach.

I shook my head….but one thing came into my mind.

I should keep my friends close.

Even though, the waves comes to the shore to steal a kiss from it, it comes back to hug them for a little longer. Friends are like that. Some get new friends and ignore you but you should still keep them close.

Sunday, I went to church, still searching for inspiration. Maybe, I would hear a still small voice, but confession time; I was more interested in looking for my friends who I haven’t since in a long while from Swedru and even Winneba.

Why was I more interested in that? I couldn’t tell.

After church, we went over to a friend’s house to pound fufu and eat. Talking, laughing, serious talks and feeling comfortable.

I got home after 4pm, and started planning my week, most especially the following day.

It was later at night that inspiration came back and inspired me of friendship.

Friendship. Why that?

I still can’t tell.

Inspiration took a walk and brought me something that was close to me. I needed not to go far to search for inspiration. Inspiration was in my social life, in my neighbourhood.

Inspiration took a walk, not a journey. Inspiration did not run away from me. It just went on a break by walking, but I went searching for it by running. It was just a stone throw.

Inspiration is just in front of you. You don’t need to go far.

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