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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lessons I Learnt At the Asoboya Dance Production

Asoboya…..because I wanted to work with animals, and living creatures and their form of communication to creation as a whole. Then I met this word which explains both. Asoboya in a word from Gonja meaning animal or living creatures.
-Charles A. Harding.

Last weekend was super fun weekend. The weekend began early Thursday night, when the Asoboya Dance production began.

In case you didn’t know, Asoboya is a Gonja word, meaning Living Creatures. It was choreographed by Charles A. Harding, who is a final year dance student at the University of Education, Winneba.

Asoboya uncovers the extent to which life in the wild would be incorporated into contemporary African choreographic pieces; giving passionate dancers the opportunity to dare and explore limits.

Blueticks Inc. was a media partner for the dance production. They are a company of creatives that help brands to build close relationships with their customers and the people in the society. I was involved. We used #IAmForAsoboya to get interactive with people to invite them to the dance production, and helping people to see things from a different perspective, which was the major aim of the dance.

Even though, we just went there to stay glued to the stories and dance and eat popcorn (it was so deliciousss…..), here are some lessons I learnt from the dance production….

1. Animals don’t smile.
Throughout the dance production, anytime an animal performs, they don’t smile. The humans in the dance production could express their emotions by smiling, frowning and expressing shock.

2. The snake will forever be an enemy to man.
When the snake saw man, he bit him and he fainted. No matter what, even if they don’t see much humans in the jungle, when they see one, they’ll bite you.

3. We can behave as animals but animals cannot behave like humans.

If you were at the dance production, you would see how well the dancers acted as frogs, gorillas, cats etc. But you cannot train a cat to act as a human on stage.

4. There is survival in the jungle.
If there is the need to fight for their survival, they would do it.

5. The jungle can be a peaceful place

The jungle they experience no problem can be a very peaceful place.

If you didn’t attend the show, I’m sorry you missed it. Anyway, I’ll let you know when another dance production comes up.

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