Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Throwback Tuesday: Old Poetry Found

Hey world!

Happy World Poetry Day!

A few days ago, I was going through one of my poetry notebooks from my glorious SHS days, and I did discover some horrible poems.

Hahaha xx.

Very embarrassing

I wonder why I called it poetry.

But also, I feel proud of some poems I wrote in those days.

The glorious SHS days, when I used to sign off all my poems with either MarieNoel, or Pink Butterfly.

Pink Butterfly??!! *rolling my eyes* How typical.

I wonder why I used that lame pen name.

Pink butterfly. Argh! 😒

So, today, I will post here one good (not very good) poem and one bad poem from my SHS days.
I’m slowly feeling shy of posting the bad one.

Anyway, here it goes.
The Way We Love
Dreaming of the world we imagine
Painting it with our love colours
If I choose the right colours to paint our world
We would be the perfect couple
If I knew how to select the right colours to paint our love
Our love would be the perfect one.
Wishing that our love would be sweet
Cute, romantic, interesting…
If I knew which brush to use
I would paint it with pride
If I knew which overall to wear
And which ladder to climb to paint the walls of love……
Oh, how our love would be perfect
Sat 19th January, 2010
Pink Butterfly™

So, this poem was written for and intended to be given to my future husband. I don’t think I will give it to him. I will write a better one.

Now to the embarrassing poem

When Will I Ever
When will I ever complete school and stop wearing uniforms?
In fact, who even brought about education?
I want to enjoy my life with no school
When will I ever stop listening to boring lessons?
When will I ever?
I want to grow, start driving cars, and get married
Get work, give birth
Take care of my children
When will I ever stop writing tests and exams?
When will I ever?
I want to go on holidays and sing for the rest of my life
When will I ever?
March 2010

I mean, look at this…..

I even regret writing this. I mean, how? I think I wrote during the time that I did not understand a Physics lessons. I never liked Physics. I still don’t like it.

Even look at the last line….

…..sing for the rest of my life…..

Why did I write this? Sing for the rest of my life how? With which voice?

Anyway, I had fun writing this post and laughing at 17/18 year old self myself.

What do you think of the two poems? Any embarrassing poems you wrote?

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