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Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Writer’s Voice….and a Backpack

It’s been few days into the New Year and the Harmattan suddenly disappeared. (Well, good riddance). Instead, the weather has become somewhat hot, and high. I bet the sun has made New Year resolutions too.

I have been writing some bad poetry recently. I am more into writing short poetry and shorter ones.
Like these ones…..proudly photoshopped on African print cloth.

I have been searching for my kind of writer’s voice. I have been trying new ways of writing. Last year was a good writing year to the extent of having my debut play staged. I’m so blessed.

I am hoping to try spoken word. My voice is not the smooth, soft type and my voice over gadgets sounds like something else. Maybe, I need to sip more water before talking over gadgets.

My creative writing journal is almost full, and I am planning to use an old notebook to continue writing. Now, I carry my journal everywhere, so I use my backpack more often.

I need to go out more often and explore the living life and write about them. I am hoping to share my works with you online and be more creative and write more creative content and share more creative content. I want my blogs to have more creative content, not just news and how to do certain things.  I want to write things that we all relate to.

This semester would be a busy one. The year 2017 would be a very busy one, from this month till December.

Here’s to the year of writing more and staying out and becoming more creative in every aspect…even in fashion.

Let’s chat: What have you planned with your writing life, or what do you want to read from me?

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