Friday, 23 December 2016

The Eve of Christmas Eve + A Prose Poem

Hello world!

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve. The feeling of getting closer to Christmas is a feeling I love. The playing of the Silent Night Song and the peace at home (Even if sometimes, there is none at all), reading festive books and dreading the harmattan.

Aha! I have noticed the Harmattan is around, but he is flexing, behaving as if he doesn’t want to show himself bi, doing himself lasi lasi bi. Hooh! We won’t mind him kraaa. Me dier, I am just wanting for him. He should come and by the time he realizes, he is in court.😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Lolz xx.

I have a poem for you today. It is about the Capricorn born in December.

The Capricorn Born In December

Capricorn…… the GOAT
Capricorn…….the Greatest of All Time
She is always hiding
Under the sheets
Not wanting to be seen
She cups her dreams in a glass mason jar
And turns it slowly, watching her dreams dance in them
“Wow!” she exclaims. “They are beautiful.”
She opens the jar and takes one dream
The dream walks on her hand and smiles at her
She wants to join beautiful words
And tell a story
That’s one of her dreams
To write to the world

She jolts as she heard footsteps
She quickly puts the write dream into the jar
And hides it under her pillow
She feared the world, feared negativity
Feared nobody would accept her
Claiming her writing is not good enough
She stared at fear that walked into her room
Playbacks above her head, laughing at the dreams under her pillow
She was told once that, Capricorns are the greatest of all time
Maybe, she was born on the wrong star
Maybe, she was just a Capricorn born in December

But she needed to prove nothing
She needed to just be herself
And love the dreams she had
These and many more
She brought them out and held them up high
Fear did not leave her alone
It stood there with its yellow teeth
But she did not tremble
She opened the jar, and they flew out
They danced around fear’s head
The rrom became colourful
Fear felt uneasy, became weak
And it run out of the room

She smiled, knowing that she was no longer a Capricorn born in December


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