Thursday, 22 December 2016

Book Review: African Memories

Good morning world, and happy two days and some hours to Christmas. I am excited for that! Hope you are too.

Today I come to you with a book review. African Memories by Ndeye Labadens.

African Memories is a book about travel, and adventures and meeting wonderful people. It is a lifestyle book. It is a book that makes us to travel without moving an inch.

I love the book. It was written like a personal journal, with the pictures and the tone in which it was written.

The travel book looked real. She did not live a fabulous travel life that we see in the movies, or the ones we imagine. She didn’t have to live in a 5-star hotel to enjoy her travels.

The book entails the beautiful side of travelling and the ugly side. There are issues of trust and the joy of trying new food and meeting hospitable people.

It felt like I was travelling with her. You can imagine the way she would speak English to you in a Francophone accent.

One reason why I fell in love with the book is her love for the beaches. I am a personal lover of the sand, the shores, the waves in every emotion, the roar of the sea and the swaying of the palm trees.
I hope you get this book to have a feel of the African vibes.

The book would be launched tomorrow, so watch the space.

I recommend this book to you, to travelers who want to know how travelling in Africa feels like, to people who are looking for travel memoirs to use their imagination and voices of people to travel.

I recommend this book to women who have doubts of making a difference.

Here is the Amazon Link

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