Sunday, 4 December 2016

Reasons Why I Look Forward To Christmas

I know. We are in a tensed political year. But I am not worried about anything. Actually, celebrating Christmas in an election year is super boring. I mean, everything is all about PO-LI-TICS. It’s Christmas people. Do not ever forget that at all.

I am always looking forward to Christmas. No matter where I am or no matter the time of the year, I am looking forward to it.

Why do I look forward to it? Well, apart from it being my birthday, and it being Christmas too, I have many other reasons.

It is the celebration of the birth of Christ, who came to atone for my sins.

I get to wander aimlessly at the mall. (Don’t judge me)

It’s the only time I get messages from some friends. (Hmmm! Some friends I have!)

It’s my birthday!

The smell of Christmas

I get to decorate, deck the halls.

The Christmas Music. The joy of listening to Christmas Songs (traditional, modern, the classics) 
alone can make you burst.

Food! Food! And FOOD!

The presents I receive

Giving gifts to the people I love

Being with family

Christmas trees

New outfits


In the month of December, that’s the time when ripe plantain is in season.

The movies

The feeling of Christmas Eve when we sing Silent Night.

Glitter, glitter and more glitter

The nostalgic feeling of Christmas Pasts

The smell of freshly baked goodies

The use of Christmas Related Emojis (Silly ME)

The snowy things I get jealous of

What do you look forward to every Christmas???

p.s. Don't forget to get involved in this Christmas fun exercise. It is not too late to join. I invite the whole world to participate. Read more about it here

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