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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Shopping Part 2 + Surviving Makola

Christmas shopping is a fun thing to do during the holidays. You get to experience the hustle and bustle of life. People rush to places, some get upset, angry, and frustrated.

But that lifestyle is slowly fading away. It is not like those days where we could go there just to feel the Christmas Spirit.

Today, we are Christmas shopping at Makola. It is a common place to do your Christmas shopping. People from other regions even come here to shop for the holidays.

Shopping at Makola is another story on its own. It is not like the shopping malls, where you can walk slowly and touch things and talk with other people while you shop.

Makola is not like that. Try to walk slowly, and someone would just push you to the side.

Below are some ways of surviving Makola.

  • Have a lot of change (especially coins). Have one cedi, two cedis, and a lot of coins during his period. You might want to get yourself some water and save yourself some time.
  • Have a hand sanitizer in your bag. You might want to take a snack during the hustle and bustle period. You need to get rid of some germs before you put anything in your mouth. Like how I get myself some wagashi anytime I visit Makola.
  • As soon as you get home, move straight to the bathroom and take a bath. You must get rid of the dust jacket you unintentionally wore. You have to brush your teeth also. You spoke a lot with the seller and dust voluntarily entered your mouth, so you need to get rid of that.
  • Do not ever think of going high tech here. If you want to hold a list, write your list on paper. Do not use your phone. It’s a risky chance you are taking.  Speaking of lists, make more than one. Your struggle in the Makola streets might let you misplace your list. Just take the duplicate from your bag.
  • People are struggling for transport back home. Be smart and careful when rushing for a bus.
  • If you play on going to Makola, go early and come back home early. It’s just better than way.

Let’s chat: How do you see Christmas Shopping in Makola?

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