Monday, 10 October 2016

#InternDiaries Chp 0.1: I Trust my High Heels


Welcome to Marietta's Intern Diaries, 
where she would be writing about the basic life and thoughts
 of an intern.

I have started doing my student teaching internship. It is ermmm…… what’s the word? If I remember, I would tell you.

So, you see me so, I’m in my early twenties, but I look like someone who is a teenager. (No offense to me). Some girls are bigger than me. Some boys are bigger than me.

Anyway, it’s a funny experience. You are a teacher, talking on top of your voice, handling teenage boys (You can imagine!), handling teenage girls (another story), but you don’t get paid.

I haven’t really written down what I have been going through but hey, it’s another kind of world.

Being a small person is really something. A student walks to you to inquire of something, then you have to raise your head to listen to the person because the person is bigger and taller than you. This is where high heels comes in. You have to wear them to become taller than them and superior to them.

I am not saying I am short or anything. I have the average height. My size is what I am talking about here, and also your young face and stature. After teaching, all I do is to come back to my working desk, sit in front of my computer and laugh in my head.

My high heels makes me look smart, and my glasses already shows that I am that kind of a geek/nerd. Someone who understands the computer, and has been using it all year long (apart from blogging, hehehe xx.)

Anyway, thank you heels. You make me feel good. But walking in it to and fro during a computer practical session is another wahala.

Thanks for reading. See you later.

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