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Saturday, 6 August 2016


Another flash fiction guys!!! Have a read.


I have been working here for 3 weeks now and anytime I look out the window from my office, I see this cute yellow dress across the street in a boutique’s window. I really really admire that dress, my eyes could not go off it.

Confession time: I’m addicted to clothes. It’s not my fault, my mum was a seamstress and due to this illness, I waste money on clothes. As I’m speaking, my clothes are more than my money. I’m heads over heels in love with beautiful clothes.

Unfortunately for me, I’m on a tight budget but don’t worry, I’ll get my first salary soon, in less than a week. I can wait. I mean, I’ve been able to wait for 3 weeks, why can’t I wait for a few more days.

You might tell me to borrow money and pay back but the sad part is, all my friends know my addiction and won’t even give me money unless it’s for medication or emergency. Even with that, they need evidence. Don’t they know that, wanting a beautiful dress on display is an emergency?

Secondly, I recently moved to this town because of work. Who am I going to ask for money?
A wide smile plastered itself over my face. I already planned where I’ll be wearing that dress.
1.       The first person to see me in that dress I’m eyeing should be Mark, my boyfriend. He’s such an amazing guy, and I can’t wait to see the look he’ll give me. I can wear it on my Saturday date with him and we’re going to meet his parents. I can’t wait to see the impression on their face that I’m expensive and know the trends.

2.       I can wear the black pumps I got as a departing gift from my sister (she’s a darling). It would go very well with it.

3.       I also have this black belly belt I can wear on it. It is fabulous and high class.

4.       I’ve already planned the hairstyle I would do to have me look like a corporate boss, though I am just a secretary.

5.       I have………

“Apefa, you’re needed in the conference room”, a male colleague called. I frowned. Why should he invade in my daydreaming state? I was annoyed with him for no good reason.

As I walked hurriedly to go and meet my boss, all I thought about was that yellow dress.
That yellow dress! That yellow dress! That yellow dress! I chanted in my head.

I got to my boss’ office and she began to tell me some assignments to do, but my mind was still on that yellow dress.

Suddenly, I began to feel uneasy. What if someone buys the dress before I get my salary? Ouch, that would hurt. I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll cry, scream, frantically wave my hands in the air, go mad…….

“Is something wrong?’’ my boss asked, after seeing a strange expression on my face. She realized I was not paying attention to the lecture she was giving me.

“Umm,” I swallowed. Should I ask for my salary in advance? Can’t she give me my salary right now? After all, I’m still working here.

“Yes?” the boss demanded. I shook my head.

“Nothing, madam.” I finally said. “I’m okay.” But I made a mental note. Rush to the shop after work and ask them to put it on hold for me. Right now, I just have to concentrate on work, pay attention to my boss and forget about the dress for now. It’s just about 3 hours more for me to close.

Three hours finally was up, after it seemed like 3 months. I quickly signed my attendance book and rushed to the shop. I entered, and saw a customer standing by the dress.

Oh no. I thought. No, it can’t be happening. She can’t buy that, it’s mine. I held my breath and let it all at once when I saw her move away. Thank goodness.

I was quickly moving to the dress, but it seemed like slow motion. I suddenly froze. The dress was not beautiful at all. It looked wrinkled and had little dots that looked like a pimpled face.

What was I thinking? The dress looked pretty from afar but when you get closer, it’s actually ugly. I nearly got high blood pressure because of this dress and this is what I swooned for?

I went home very furious. Just because of a dress, my mind was not at home. Because of this dress, I wanted my salary in advance.

Just because……..ugh, I can’t stand it. I hope someone buys it before tomorrow, so that I don’t have to see it again.

Dress code: deceit.

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