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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Prepping For an Everyday Adventure

Each new day is a new page to write on. It is like a new adventure to go on. We wake up, with the sun rising with new possibilities and new intentions. There are stuffs ahead of us which we are yet to meet.

Each day, we go out, and might meet new people, we might learn a new life lesson or educational lesson. We make a new friend, and that person might turn out to be our best friend ever. We might meet a life saver. We might see an animal we haven’t seen before, we might learn a new word or a new way of doing something.

We get to hear the news. We see a new clothing item in town and we fall in love with it. The new day might be the day you fall in love with an old song we didn’t like in the beginning. That day might be the day we might understand the lyrics.

We visits new places and capture memories of it. We take pictures, laugh, play around and take videos. That day might be the day you get closer to someone and understand him/her. That day might be the day you fall in love.

Each day might be the day, you try something you were always afraid to do. That day, you might take a risk.

We might try a new makeup product, and we might like it or hate it. We might try new foods, try new clothes. We might try to write a poem, read a book or write a story.

The sun would be setting, sending away all weary things away, and burying them behind the hills and mountains. We expect the sun not to bring the weary things back with tomorrow’s new promises.

Every day is an adventure.

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