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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Waking up the Members of my Nation (A manifesto)

I was wondering about this election year, and I realized that the television, radio, and social media would be filled with political stuff. I was also thinking about the manifestos they will soon read, the debates and all that drama. (Remember the Ayari Cough?). I am hoping for some humour. (Remember when someone said; We must all come and vote, come December 12?)

Then I asked myself, what would I say if I was contesting for the office? Just imagine Marietta running for the office of the president, what would she say?

Hahaha. That’s a funny thought…….and a scary one too.

That was just by the way.

If I cannot be the president of the country, I might one day become the president of some organization or something. Or?

I imagined Blog Nation. What if I was the president of Blog Nation? What would I even say?

I will have to write a manifesto and read it to my readers, or in this case write it to my readers.

That brings us to the post title for today; Waking up the members of my nation.

When I was a teenager, I loved watching iCarly, so I could sing the full theme song. That’s where the title comes from, it’s in the song.

So, let’s imagine The Marietta DeGrant Blog is a nation and I am the President, this is the manifesto I will read to my readers.

A Manifesto Delivered By Marietta G. DeGrant to the Readers of the Marietta DeGrant Blog
I greet you, members of the Marietta DeGrant Blog Nation. I am here to read to you my manifesto. My theme is Waking up the Members of my Nation, and that is what I am aiming at.

I would encourage my readers members to brighten the corner where they are. They do not need to get to some level in life before they can do that. If you cannot change the whole world, they can change the community in which they live in. Start with your roommate. Start with your family.

I would encourage my members to surround themselves with positivity. Even if it’s making your bedroom wall some form of inspirational board, do it. Create mood boards, having a quote as your phone’s wallpaper, and always wake up with a positive mind. Remove all negative people from your life, and always have encouraging people around you.

I would encourage my members to love their talent and develop it. If your talent is writing, write. If your talent is art, do art and live it. If your talent is craft work, exhibit your handiworks. If your talent is sing, write a song and sing it every day. Live your talent.

I would encourage my members to capture memories. Take pictures, make videos of your adventures and live it to the fullest. After some weeks, months, years, you can look back at them, laugh and cry. It makes life healthy.

I would encourage my members to learn from life. Life is a school, where we learn lots of things through trials and things that we go through. I would tell my members, everything would be all right, no matter what you are going through. You are just learning.

I would encourage my members to inspire each other. Inspire people with good things and also get ideas from inspiration.

I would encourage my members to be selfless. I would not elaborate on it, because you know how to be selfless.

I would encourage my members not to look down on anyone. Everyone has his/her time of rising and everyone is important in this world.

I would encourage my members to continue to read this blog, because you must read it it is my little space of telling you stories, having kelewele dates with you, telling you stories of my days, and sharing my creative literary works with you.

Thank you for your time.

So, this is what I would tell the members of my blog nation. As you could see, I did not tell my members what I would do. I told them what we should do together as members of the nation.

I love you all, my readers and thanks for taking time to read my blog. You are not only members of the Marietta DeGrant Blog Nation, we are family.

Thank you.

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