Saturday, 6 February 2016

DIY Soap Basket (Day 6)

Good morning! It’s Saturday and I’m happy about that. I just hope it will seem longer than 24 hours, so that I can rest and do a little bit of organization in my room.
Let’s learn a little DIY.

I learnt this thing when I went for a church camp when I was 12 years old. Oh, I surely miss those days. The last time I tried this DIY was when I was almost 14. I did it with some friends before going for the Christmas break. I gave that basket to my mum as a Christmas gift and she loved it. I remember the evening before we made the DIY, we went round searching for a cellophane wrapper. Even a neighbor, who was my friend and my junior but in another neighbouring school helped in the search. We went to every store in the neighbourhood then at last, we got some. My parents were furious because of how I stayed late after school and they were worried sick. I did not really care. I was making a Christmas present for my mum.

This is my first time in a long time to try it again. The soap basket is a great DIY gift to give to your female friends and relatives, and it can serve as an air refresher if you used a sweet scented soap.

Things You’ll Need
A sweet scented bathing soap
Office pins
A beautiful cellophane
A copper wire
A cardboard
A bow (optional)
A pair of pliers
A pair of scissoorss

1.       Unwrap your soap from its original wrapper
2.       Pin the office pins on the outer part of the soap on top
3.       Cut the cardboard like the shape and size as the soap, place it at the bottom and pin the office pins at the bottom, just as you did at the top
4.       Cut the ribbon to a long thin one, and decorate the pins in a intertwined motion from top to bottom to top continuously
5.       Decorate the wire with a ribbon (maybe, another colour).Bend the wire into a shape like the hand of a basket (the distance between the two wire pins should be the same as the soap). Pin it to both ends
6.        Wrap the decorated soap like the way a hamper is wrapped and tie the top with a ribbon.
7.       Add a bow as desired.
You can decorate your room with it and save it till Valentine’s Day to give it to your sister or one of your girlfriends.
Want to try it?
Then send me a picture of it. Tweet it @MarieNoelGrant or tag me in your Instagram photo @MarieNoelGrant. I would loooove to see it.
Have a great weekend!

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