Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ideas for Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day (Day 7)

Happy Sunday everyone. I woke up earlier to be able to write this post before to head to the chapel for church service. It wouldn’t be a long post so let’s do this real quick.
This is another episode of

………..and we are talking about ways celebrating the Val’s day, which is next week.

Yeah, just next week Sunday.

Anyway, so since this year, the Red day falls on a Sunday, which is not so much of a cool day to celebrate it, in my opinion, I intend to celebrate it with my friends on either Saturday, which is the day before or Monday(the day after). We are still thinking about it, and I believe Saturday is a better day.

There are so many ways of celebrating the red day, whether you are single or attached. Unfortunately, I cannot give tips for those who are married, because I have no right to do that, and I am not an expert in that area yet, hahaha.

This post is mainly for young adults. For those who have not yet put the ring on it. *wink*wink*

                1.     Do voluntary work. Help to take care of the elderly, the afflicted. Volunteer to work at a place you dream of volunteering.
2.       Do charity work. Visit the orphanage or children’s hospital. Decorate the wards with red ribbons and share some sweets. Don’t forget to donate. They have the right to smile on Valentine’s Day too.
3.       Visit the beach with your friends or with your significant other, especially in the evening.
4.       Go for hiking with a group of friends to a faraway place. Do not forget to take along enough water (most important), and food.

What are you doing on the St. Valentine weekend?

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