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Friday, 5 February 2016

There is a Love Song Written on my Face (Day 5)

Good afternoon. Today I woke up with a great feeling of happiness just because I can smell a good weekend. Fridays are the best days ever.

When I woke up today, there was a love song playing in my ears. Meaning, I slept with my earpiece on. No judgements, I used to do that, and some people have told me to stop. I have a bad habit of having music playing with my headphones on, all the time. I have been advised to stop doing that always, or else, I will lose my sense of hearing.

Whoosh that’s scary.

Anyway, I am getting better in that area. The number of times I have an earpiece on has reduced, but last night, I had to listen to music while on bed (I’m addicted to music), and I guess I fell asleep while listening, so no judgements, haha.

I woke up with a Brenda Lee song. Though the song is really old, I love it. This song has been playing since January, on my computer, on my phone, my DVD player, literally on every playing device. Yeah, that’s how I can abuse a song. I can play the song repeatedly till I hate it.

This song, If You Love Me (Really Love Me) was the song that was playing, and I smiled when I woke up. I will sing that to my future husband one day. Any voice trainer in the house?

As an ICT student, Adobe Photoshop is one of our best friend tools, for editing pictures for websites, flyers, banners, cards and all fun stuff. Thanks to Photoshop, I had a love song written on my face.

That is Brenda Lee’s song written on my face.

I have a feeling this weekend would be great.

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