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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Book Review: Hidden Rainbow + Something Closer to Red

“……If we had no trials, no troubles, how would God test our strength and genuineness?......”
                                                                                                Sister Lutz, Hidden Rainbow, pg. 317

The Testament was hidden under the mattress. Their world was dark and full of lost happiness, until they John and Anna brought it out and discovered ………..

Hey there! I greet you.

I am so proud of myself. 14 Days of MarieAmour was a success! I was able to blog for 14 days straight including Sundays, which I haven’t done before. The highest I had ever gone before that was two days.

Whoa! Well done, Marietta.

I did it and I like it.

So, Monday was a rest day for me, from the trip, to the Vals celebration (which wasn’t a huge one, but I liked it), and no lectures on Monday. I did enjoyed my rest. I am gradually get back on track with my studies and blogging.

Another thing I am so proud of: I read almost 5 books in January. Yes! I know, but seriously, it’s nothing. I mean, back in my SHS days when I could read 10 novels a month, which can be 30 books in a term. It was normal, you know, especially when you are surrounded by two girls (Omay and Ella) who were possessed of reading romance. (I miss them!!!) Now, I have other loads on me and reading can be done only when school is out.

Sometimes, I miss my SHS life.

No worries, the main reason for this post is another novel review and a lipstick I am rocking. To tell you the truth, the novel’s title or blurb isn’t what attracted me to read, rather the author’s name.
Christmas Carol Kauffman.

Her name, how relatable it sounds, and I loved her already. I wish she was alive, like I would have searched for her, and we’ll become best friends born on the same day, but different years; 25th December.

The book is a true story about a forbidden New Testament that shattered the calm of a Yugoslavian village.

John and Anna, a married couple who were born to Catholic parents were led to the truth, light and true happiness through the ministry of a Protestant missionary. The town was against such doctrines taught and the reading of the Holy Bible. When you are caught talking with a missionary like that, you would be severely criticized by the Reverend Father of the town.

I like Anna for her bravery, courage, motherly skills and heart. She has a beautiful soul, and though she was severely criticized by the neighbours, family, and the Catholic Church, she still believed in reading the Bible and believing in God and worshipping Him through Jesus Christ.

I would give this novel a 4.5 out of 5. It was well written and easy to understand, and it has made my faith to be stronger.

This is a lipstick I found at home, that has a colour closer to red. I found it in my mother’s makeup bag. I have made a goal to invest in a good red lipstick. I somehow think, a lipstick that is red, is not the right shade of lipstick for my skin colour, but there is no harm in trying, right?

The photos I took for this blog were not as bright as I expected. The harmattan fog in January did not favour my photos, they look as if I used a filter called harmattan to edit my photos. Eek. Can you imagine? A filter called Harmattan to edit photos. It would be whacky.

Have you read the novel? What do you think of having a photo filter called Harmattan? Which red lipstick brand would you recommend?

Ps. Enjoy some snapshots of the video I planned not to upload for the novel review. Hehehe.

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