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Friday, 29 January 2016

Kelewele Date with Marietta (29/01/2016): Sweet ‘16

Hello everyone! You are welcome to the first post of#keleweledate with Marietta for the year 2016. I am so glad and so surprised that January is ending so soon. It’s amazing, that time runs so fast, by the time you realize, you are 60 years and haven’t accomplished anything yet, which would be so sad. Anyway, I hope you are really fulfilling your goals and making happy choices.

To begin with, happy new year to you all. It has really been a slooow one for me, but I am glad to be getting back on track. I will start my fitness routine soon and my writing will get back on track and everything will be back to normal.

How many of you made New Year resolutions? I stopped doing that last year. Rather, I write down goals I want to accomplish for a period of time, and it works well for me. I categorize them into academics, blogging, health, religion, social life and creative writing.

The harmattan left in shame, and we are glad it is gone. The normal Ghanaian weather is coming back, but it brought along some heat. The only way to cool down is to have chilled soursop (aluguitugui) while watching a movie with your mum or while having a break from reading an interesting novel.

Question of the day: Am I the only one who takes a break after reading a novel for more than 2 hours, like maybe, 20 minutes break?

I have Taylor Swift’s Out of the Woods music video on repeat. Every morning I play it, before I go to bed, I play it, and during my 20 minutes novel reading break, I squeeze in to play it. The video is sensational, and I love it.

Ooh. I almost forgot. Earlier this year, my boss gave me a free ticket to go for the Tales of Nazir, the Movie premiere to write a review about it. You can read the review here.

This year has been a year of harvesting palm nut. We did not harvest sweet potatoes like last year, but this palm nut harvesting is worth it. More palm nut soup, my favourite soup.

Anyway, see you next time.

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