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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Imperfect Sons and Daughters

We are all imperfect, in one way or the other. I am imperfect, yes, I know.

This post is for all those who feel imperfect, and who want to live their dreams.

I was chatting with one of my close friends. He’s one of my close friends. He’s amazing and has marvelous ideas and talents and dreams. We were doing the usual WhatsApp chatting (I was trying to catch up with life happenings since I have been off for some time). We were chatting about how things have been slow this year but most importantly, he told me of how parents expect their children to do better office work. He wants to be a big time IT/ showbiz man, probably like Bola Ray, but from the look of things, they want him to do office work, or do some teaching job.


I remember when I was in secondary school, I met people who did not want to be in the Science class. They wanted to read Visual Arts, Business, General Arts, but their parents wouldn’t let them glow in their interested programme.

What a sad world.

I have met girls who were future artist, fashion designers, business women but they were in the wrong class. It’s one thing having it as a talent and using it for fun (like my friends telling me I should have been in the General Arts class because of my flair in story writing and poetry), but it is another thing having it as a passion you want to pursue in the future.

I am currently reading a novel about a father who didn’t want his son to be a footballer because he sees it as a thing for dropouts.

Have you ever seen the Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots? There was a student who wanted to be a wildlife photographer but his dad wanted him to be an engineer.

What is wrong with being a successful photographer?

I hate it when elders prevent people from following their dreams. It’s so sad. I am glad to have parents who want me to pursue what I want to what I want to pursue.

But in spite of this, I am an imperfect daughter. I don’t do things to their expectations. When I was younger, I used to see myself as a different girl, a different human being who likes to wake up, not doing things to their expectation, come back to my room and pour out my feelings in my journals in the form of poetry or in my diary.

Apart from being an imperfect daughter, I have an imperfect hair, imperfect talking (I talk way too fast, my words ran over each other) and imperfect study skills. (Yeah, that’s right). Add imperfect eyes.

We still love our parents and elders, no doubt about that. We love you because you care about us and we are ready to pamper you when we start to get money.

Any imperfect kid out there? Let’s form a group and I will be your leader?

Ps. I don’t know what happened, but the way I wanted to write this post is not how I just wrote it. I don’t know why, but if you did not understand it, it’s ok, and don’t worry about it. It’s all about living the dreams we want to live, and to make us aware that office jobs is not an answer to becoming successful.

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