Friday, 6 November 2015

Making the Right Choice (Tertiary Forms)

This post is purposely for those who are about to buy tertiary institution forms.

That time has come again, where students don’t know what tertiary institution forms to buy and which courses to choose. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you a tiny little bit of help. At least.
Alright, before you decide to buy the tertiary institution forms and fill, here are some tips.

Always check out the media for information
Be on the lookout for any information on sale of university forms, especially in the print media.  Mostly, the public university have their sale advertisement in the newspapers, and the private ones, have theirs on the TV and radios, but check both to be certain and sure. You can also ask from the post offices for more information.

Have enough money
Perhaps, you want to buy about one or two or more forms, you need to save enough money for that purpose.
Also, before purchasing, get to know the institutions that offer the programme you want to read to avoid buying unnecessary forms and waste of money.

Know your passion
What course do you want to offer? What are your passion and talents? Search for schools that offer what you want to study. You also need to have other options (Choices), at least 3.

What’s your grade?
Before buying forms, check the course’s cut off point aggregate (aggregate of high school final exam grade). You might consider writing WASSCE remedial if you feel the grade is not really good for the programme you want to read. For matured students, they write entrance exams. Make sure you study hard to pass your examination.

Seek help
If you need advice, you might want to consult your parents, teachers or any elderly person in your dream field, to help you with your choice of school and courses.

Go for workshops
If you are still in doubt of what schools to buy and what to read, attend workshops that help students who are now entering into tertiary schools choose the right career choices.
Now that you have bought the forms, what is next?

Make your particulars ready
Some schools request for your passport sized photographs, birth certificates, WASSCE cert and other stuffs, when filling the forms. Make those particulars ready to avoid rushed situations.

Now that you have submitted your forms, lay back and have faith.

Success in all your endeavours.

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