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Friday, 30 October 2015

Kelewele Date with Marietta (30/10/15): One Year Old

Hello everyone! This month, #keleweledate turns one year old. Huuuurrrraaaay!

Kelewele Date with Marietta began as a way of updating ourselves with what has been happening that month. I don't know how that idea started, but we are grateful it's happening. It's a virtual date though, but I have enjoyed every bit of it.

In celebration of its one year anniversary, we are going to learn how to cook kelewele.

Ready? Let's do this!

Kelewele is a popular Ghanaian snack of cube-sized fried plantains, seasoned with spices. In Ghana, it is sold by street vendors, usually at night. That's one of the reasons why I love it when night falls.

Ripe plantains (Not too ripe)
Ground pepper

1. Peel and cut your plantain into bite sized cubes.
2. Grind together grated ginger and onion.
3. Add ground pepper, salt and mix them in just a little water.
4. Now, add your cut plantain to the spice mixture.
5. Heat up your oil (deep enough to allow plantain to float)
6. Fry the plantain, turning, until golden brown.
7. Dish out your fried plantain unto a sieve that drains out oil.
8. Serve with groundnuts or fried gizzard (optional). Otherwise, enjoy it raw.

Thanks to all who make this virtual date possible. Thanks a lot.

Have a lovely day.

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