Friday, 21 August 2015

Great But Not-So-Great

Very soon, the phrase "Back To School" would be in the air to the extent that, you can smell it. Malls, banks, markets, especially Makola, would be smelling of Back to School.

I am excited to go back to school. Just because of learning new theories and technology, without the examination part. Hahahaha. Seriously, I can't by pass that.

Reasons Why Back to School Is Great

I'll see my friends again. Some of us have faithful friends, crazy friends, motivational friends and all kinds. It's exciting to see my friends again.

New clothes. You get all Excited to buy new Back to School clothes and see how some fake people buy second hand clothing and tell you they ordered it from the Taylor Swift collection. Like I care!

You're being free of your parents. We love you, parents but we got to learn to be independent.
The first week of classes is all about Introduction to the course outline. Which last for about an hour or if lucky, less.

New roommates to stay awake with, and gossip. Good gossip!

We get to countdown to Christmas and look forward to it with all of its fooood.

We get to make new friends. From your department, other departments and freshers.

We get to hear the long vac stories. This is where people master their lying skills. Add that to your CV , liars.

We get to study new interesting courses. We want to learn new things.

Beach Days. Yoo-hoo! Lucky you, if you're closer to the beach. If not, you are allowed to get jealous.


Sports. There are many sporting events like inter-hall games, cross country etc.

Reasons Why Back to School is Not-So-Great

Quizzes. They scare us, especially the impromptu ones.

Weekend projects. For me, weekends are the times I unwind and have some me-time because they are very important to me, practise my homemaking skills, hobbies, go home if I crave for my mother's cooking, be with friends and loved ones. If you give me assignments that take my weekend time, I'll feel like crying.

Assignments to be submitted in less than 24 hours. Hmmm

Discouragements. It is easy to give up and it is usual to meet lectures and T.As who tell you, you are not worth it.

Stress. This is common in every student's life

Packing and moving in. I know! Some of us use days for packing and arranging and ugh!

What do you like about Back to School?

What don't you like about Back to School ?

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