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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bad Dreams

This is a poem about a lady  who had nothing going on well with her.
Note: This poem is incomplete. But I would like to hear your opinions


Lights dim
Grey colours appear
Trying to fight back dreams
Heartbreaking dreams
Bad dreams

I beheld a young lady
Her eyes dimmed
Gave out a scream
Without any sound
She faded away
And mingled with the dust

The world became dark
Everything was black
I stared at my paper
A 15% score
"No, this can't be"
I tore it into pieces
And it mingled with the dust

My mirror cracked
At the sight of my face
My reflection dimmed
The waters dried up
At the sight of my reflection
And time stopped

The winds were laughing
Making mockery of me
Snarling my name
And carried me to a man
A man I loved so much

His heart waxed cold
Told me it was over between us
My feelings died
I got heart broken
My heart was bleeding

The moon was mourning
Mourning for my heart
For it had fallen unconscious
And killed my feelings

The sea was weeping
Weeping for my dreams
For they were killed
And burned into ashes

My faith was buried
I was discouraged
I was mocked at again
The winds sniggered
And called me a loser
Loser! Loser!! Loser!!!

I screamed
Screamed blue murder
And the ground trembled
I saw a shadow
Walking towards me
I screamed with tears
And closed my eyes

I felt myself lifted up

So what do you think??

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