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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Steps To Staying Motivated and Inspired

Nowadays, on a scale of 1-10 of motivation, I'm at 3. Like seriously. I've found myself losing a lot of motivation and inspiration for some time now. Writers block visited me and decided not to leave me alone, no inspiration has lit up. I've been struggling to get ideas for my poems, stories and even blog posts. I've been struggling with staying fit, doing my workout and eating healthy.

I recently opened an old creative journal of mine and I saw an old entry I wrote about staying motivated. This is what I need, I thought. Today, I'm sharing steps to staying motivated and inspired so you wouldn't feel like how I felt. It's terrible and it stinks when you do not feel motivated.

Write goals and remind yourself of them. Some people do not feel the need to make and write down goals. Whether it is short-term goals or long term goals, I suggest you make and write them down and constantly read them to remind yourself to work hard. This would help you to stay motivated .

Reward yourself. Though, I wrote this in my creative journal when I was in secondary school, I never rewarded myself for a good work done till I got to the university. Trust me, it helps a lot. When you accomplish a good or have a good work done, reward yourself with some treat, having some quality me time, hanging out with friends and loved ones or even going to the beauty clinic or spa.

Read motivational stories. Gifted Hands by Ben Carson is a book I recommend you read when you are feeling down or on a low scale of motivation. There are other motivational stories you can read. There are also motivational movies and videos you can watch.

Stay positive. This is a great way of staying motivated. Have a positive attitude frequently.

Listen to music (My life saver) Listening to great music can be a good way to feel on the top scale of motivation. Music that urges us to get up, keep moving forward are a great source of motivation.

Read magazines. I love magazines especially those that talk about lifestyle, literature and technology. To get motivated and inspired, flip through the pages of a magazine, whether they are old editions or the latest. Not only are you entertaining yourself, but you are getting ideas for your next move .

Bonus. One last tip I want to share, that wasn't in the entry is having great motivational quotes by your side. You can have them in your diary, journal, on your fridge, on your mirrors etc. We can also find great motivational quotes in our religious books too.

What do you do to stay motivated or inspired?
Stay sweet.

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