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Friday, 29 August 2014

Long Vac Wrap Up

Ahhh! Hmm.....
I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!!
Are you sure 14 weeks is up? Are you sure it's almost September and not almost August? Where did the days run to? But if it was school time, it is not even October yet.

Anyway, my long vac was....okay! My plans were 60 something percent fulfilled. And I'm okay with it. I got to relax and laugh, cry a little and learnt.

  •  I did 8 weeks of internship, which wasn't bad at all.
  • I visited Winneba
  • I made new friends. I've done really well. I made about 6 new friends.
  • I heard about flash fiction and experimented on that. At least, I got 3 stories out of it.
  • Unfortunately, instead of reading 20-30 books I planned and reading, I only read almost 10 books, which I'm pretty sad about it.
  • I was a guest on Citi Fm  which was a new experience and also terrifying (for me!). But at the end, I wanted to do it again.
  • I could not try new hairstyles. Instead, I made it rest by not perming it for three months. 
I hope my next long vac would be over 80% fulfilled. But, I'm ever ready to go back to Winneba just to meet my friends and loved ones.

Did you fulfill all your long vac/summer plans?  


  1. Sounds like a pretty great vacation to me.

  2. Sounds like a great vacation!! Where is Winneba??

    1. Winneba is in the Central Region of Ghana. You can come and visit. :)


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