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Monday, 27 January 2014


Hey! I guess some of you are already in school. Others are yet to go. So, I say happy-back-to-school everyone, or should I say, happy-ugh-not-again-stress-have-began-so-not-nice. Hey, just relax, okay. Don’t be worried about the stress part of it. It doesn’t matter if last semester was a disaster and a bomb of your life. Just look forward to a new life for this semester and expect positive result.
Here are some of my adopted tips on how to have a successful semester in school:
ü  Go to every class on time and take notes.
ü  Do extensive reading by reading magazines, the newspapers etc
ü  Do your hobbies/develop your talents
ü  Create a timetable/have an organiser or planner
ü  Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, minimising junk food, exercising regularly
ü  Have fun by enjoying this period of your life, attend social events, make new friends

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed and I saw something motivational fromCari L. Murphy. Maybe it would help you along the way; so I’ll just share it with you.
She says;
If you don’t like where you’re headed, change it! SHIFT. You are the navigator. You are never stuck on a dead road unless you choose to be. FOCUS, FEEL and VISUALIZE yourself living your DREAMS in 2014. Commit to NO LIMIT LIVING and then watch yourself SOAR.”

Shimmer and Sparkle,

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