Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Marietta DeGrant Poetry: Remind Me

Hello world!

There have been a lot of cloudy/rainy days and I spend the moment by writing poetry. One rainy Monday, I was reflecting and making a list of things (I love making lists) and I realized I needed a lot of reminders in life to move forward, to make my dreams come true and to remember that God loves me. I needed a reminder that I should not be scared of anything and whatever I am going through will turn out to be a blessing.

I looked at the date and I realized that life is moving so fast, I wanted it to slow down. I needed little reminders that would tell me to make every pretty moment a treasure. Reminders that would tell me that life is worthwhile and the people who make my life beautiful should be appreciated.

So I wrote this poem, Remind Me to tell life to remind me of certain things.

This poem is dedicated to people who love me and always wish the best of me.

Dear Life
Remind me of the things I ought to live for
Remind me to slow down
Don’t be too hard on me
By telling me to work hard to earn papers with people’s faces on them
Remind me to appreciate the rain
Remind me to let my skin inhale sunlight
Remind me to kiss my lover every night
Remind me to take pictures of children playing in the mud
Remind me to take a deep breath
Because life is all about capturing memories
And sharing them with the world
With our loved ones first
Remind me to travel to see other parts of the world
Remind me to learn
Remind me to teach my descendants what I have learnt in life
Remind me……to drink water

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