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Thursday, 8 June 2017

5 Healthy Tips I Am Adapting During the Long Vacation

Adore Me inspired this idea but all thoughts are entirely mine.

Hello world.

Can you believe we are almost ending the first half of the year? Does that sound shocking to you?
School was out a few weeks ago. I am very excited to finally have this break. School was a little bit overwhelming, but I am glad it’s finally over.

A few weeks before school was out, I wrote down some goals for the long vacation. One of the goals was to live a healthy life and to be fit.

Here are five healthy tips I would be adapting during the long vacation

1.       Have enough sleep

I was sleep deprived before the semester ended. I decided to use this break to catch up with some sleep and adapt the habit of having enough sleep. On the JUMP website, I wrote about steps in getting a good night sleep. Read the article here
2.       Drink a glass of water when awake before eating

I remember in 2015, I was learning the habit of drink water as soon as I wake up. Unfortunately, I could not continue with that habit. One of the health I have made for the long vacation was to continue such practice. Also, to make it more fun I have watched videos, read posts about infused water. Infused water is adding cut fruits and natural herbs to water in a bottle or container. I am eager to try these methods of drinking more water.

3.       Morning pages

I have read in some posts and watched some videos on morning pages. Morning pages is time set aside to write whatever comes into your mind in a book for 3 minutes. This should be the first thing to do when you wake up. Study shows that this practice increases our creativity and sometimes helps us to remember dreams we had the previous night. My goal is to do practice things to increase my creativity since I am write poems, stories and blog posts.

4.       Visit the gym


I have never visited the gym before. Never in my life. I made a goal to visit a gym in town to make my workout more productive and help me reach my fitness goal like toning some parts of my body.
Do not know what to wear to the gym? Do not worry, Adore Me has got you covered. They have a wide range of beautiful and comfortable workout clothes. Check their workout clothes here. 


5.       Spend more time outdoors

I am a dedicated indoor person, but I promised myself to spend more time outdoors. I have decided to attend more events and sit outside more.

Is there any health tip you would want me to try? What help tips have you adapted during the school break?

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